Kristanna Loken Comes Out

Kristanna LokenKristanna Loken in Terminator 3

Kristanna Loken, the 26-year-old actress who had her break-out role in 2003’s Terminator 3 and currently stars in the film BloodRayne, publicly discusses for the first time in the March issue of Curve magazine that she’s had–and will continue to have–relationships with women.

“I have dated and have had sex with men and women and have to say that the relationships I have had with certain women have been much more fulfilling, sexually and emotionally, than of those with certain men,” she tells Curve. “I connect with an aura, with energy. And if the person with whom I connect happens to be a female, that’s just the way it is. That’s what makes my wheels turn.”

In the Curve interview, Loken also talks about her lesbian sister, who has been with her partner for more than a decade, and the indie film Loken is currently executive producing and starring in, Lime Salted Love, which she described to MTV as “similar to Reality Bites with a splash of Memento like disjointed narrative.”

This isn’t the first time Loken has talked about same-sex attraction–the topic has come up frequently in interviews ever since she was caught on camera kissing pop singer Pink in 2003. But she has always approached the subject with some ambiguity, as she did last month in an interview with men’s magazine FHM.

When asked about the difference between kissing men vs. women, Loken replied candidly, “The texture of a woman’s mouth and lips are so much softer than a man’s. It’s more romantic, but there are women who can be rough”. But when asked if she “kisses a lot of women”, Loken hedged, saying “I don’t like to make anything a habit, but I’m definitely open-minded about kissing women.”

In the same interview, Loken also talked about the weeks she spent in Romania filming BloodRayne, which co-stars Michelle Rodriguez (Lost) and is written by out lesbian Guinevere Turner (The L Word, Go Fish). “I partied with Michelle Rodriguez,” Loken told FHM. “We’d hang out, drink a lot of crappy vodka and hit the clubs. One of them had a pool inside it. We would go, get really drunk and end up swimming in it by the end of the night.”

When asked by FHM, “did you make out with Michelle?”, Loken would only answer, “I plead the fifth on that.”

Loken was born on a farm in upstate New York, and began her acting career in New York City at 13 when she landed a role on As the World Turns. She eventually made her way to Los Angeles, where she did some modeling to pay the bills while she took roles in little-known movies and TV shows, like Academy Boyz and Mortal Kombat: Conquest, that never quite panned out.

Loken attributes some of her early struggles in acting to her unusual height (she’s 5’11”) and her athleticism. “I think when I was younger, people didn’t quite know how to cast me,” Loken told earlier this month. “I’ve always been tall and physically fit. I’m an equestrian and very outdoors-y. So when Terminator 3 came along, I thought I could transcend all the things that had maybe been physically detrimental and turn them into attributes.”

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