“Chasing Life” recap (1.20): Past Tense


Previously on Chasing Life, Leo declared his love for April, Graham did the exact opposite with Beth and broke up with her, Greer and Brenna got back together, and Natalie started hooking up with Dom.

We begin with April being all nervous about her staff meeting at work, because it’s time to appoint a new Editor in Chief. And, of course, that new editor is Raquel, because she already acts like a boss anyway. Raquel makes a speech about needing to up their internet game and looks directly at April and says that just because you were doing well doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels now. It’s game time.

Chasing Life 120-1Literally HBIC.

After the meeting, April stops to congratulate her, and wants to make sure she was just being paranoid about that last bit being directed at her. But Raquel tells her that actually yes she’s exactly who she was talking to; April is one of the most valuable players on the team, and Raquel is going to be hard on her to make sure she keeps it up. She tells April she should be grateful, Raquel being bitchy to you is like being kissed by the pope in the land of Boston journalism.

At Casa de Carver, Grandma Emma is playing cards with her boyfriend when Sara finds out the rent on the storage unit that holds all of her ex-husband’s belongings is going up. Emma tells her to go through it, because it’s about damn time, and offers to go with her daughter for moral support.

Chasing Life 120-2Best. Ever.

After work, April listens to Beth rant about Graham as she gets drunker and drunker. She starts to get sassy toward Leo, who promptly redirects Beth’s attention to Natalie by ordering more beers. Beth tells Natalie that she promises she has her key tonight and by the way where even was she when Beth locked herself out the night before? Natalie dodges the question like a pro and disappears to get them more beer. April tries to cheer Beth up by telling her that she booked them a best-friend vacation to Bermuda for the weekend in a few weeks, which has its intended effect, and makes Beth tell Leo that she might just need to steal April away from him.

The next morning, April is ignoring her family in favor of work emails because she wants to get ahead of the game so she can hang out with Leo that night. Sara teases her about being in loooove and speaking of love Greer is just hanging out in the Carver fridge like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Greer tells the fam that Brenna will be right down, according to a text she received. April asks if her and Brenna are back together, but when Brenna appears and they kiss, the answer is clear.

Chasing Life 120-3The whole Carver clan ships it.

The girls exchange “I missed you’s” and April teases them for being so cheesy, since they were only a floor apart. Sara asks Greer if she talked to her parents, and while she hasn’t really had much conversation with them, her dad did ask her to hang out after school. Sara’s glad, because she doesn’t like the divide between the families, which April says sounds awful Shakespearean. Sara giggles and calls them Juliet and Juliet and Brenna gets all embarrassed and calls her family lame. It’s actually kind of the best. It’s just so…normal. Though being learned women, I hope they’re not vying for Brenna and Greer to have the same ending as Romeo and Juliet.

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