“The Good Wife” recap (6.15): Open Source


Tonight’s episode opens with what seems to be the latest Apple ad. Sorry guys, no matter what soundtrack you choose, CAD is never going to seem exciting. It turns out the 3-D printer design deserves a song with a “having closet sex on Grey’s Anatomy” beat, because it’s the template for a gun, which a bearded dude prints out, totes to a shooting range, and fires, the bullet unfortunately missing its target and hitting someone behind him. Cut to Alicia’s video interview with the newspaper board, where she explains the fact that she’s suing the designer of the gun proves she’s all about gun control. 

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Prady and his campaign manager are watching the video jealously, as Alicia, with her not-technically-a lie-about Bishop’s involvement with her PAC, has won the paper’s endorsement. His campaign manager rightly assumes Alicia’s pants are ‘a blazing, but when Prady insists he will not smear her (with every scene I’m less and less upset that for the show to continue they pretty much have to give the win to him), his manager suggests he smear Peter instead. Considering there are about four people in the world who don’t want to badmouth Peter in a public forum (Mama Florrick, the Florrick kids and, on some days, Eli), Prady’s on board. 

Over at campaign headquarters, Johnny and Josh show Alicia Prady in full anti-Peter mode and, honestly, it’s pretty obvious the guy hasn’t had much experience with trash talk. (I do like the use of croynism though. It sounds like an SAT word and the title of the next Dreamworks animated movie.) Johnny tells her the best form of damage control is for her to jump on the anti-Peter bandwagon, but before they can even talk strategy (I would go with showing a slide show of him looking guilty with a soundtrack featuring the Carrie Underwood classic “Before He Cheats”), Johnny drops a bomb: He’s been asked to run a west coast campaign, which means he’ll be leaving the day of the election. Honestly I don’t see this as an issue politically at all (what will he be missing except celebratory win drinking or depressed loss drinking?) but obviously he can’t leave yet because he and Alicia haven’t even started their sordid affair.

Cary, who we saw more of when he was in jail, calls Alicia to tell her Mr. Canning has been calling, and he wants to see her in the hospital. Cary points out it would be an excellent time to get him to sign a settlement regarding their lawsuit, while Alicia seems pretty grossed out by the idea, since even jerks don’t deserve to deal with paperwork on their deathbed.

In court, Mr. Diane’s husband is on the stand as the expert witness, explaining exactly why the designer of the 3-D gun, Mr. Fife, is responsible for the gun misfiring and paralyzing the Florrick-Agos-Lockhart client (he was the gun expert, not the man who printed and firing the gun). Finn handles the questioning, while Diane just looks on proudly. Next up is opposing counsel Ms Crozier, who attempts to poke holes in their argument of culpability, in part, by reminding the judge the witness is Diane’s husband (perfect cut to Diane’s face which clearly says, “Damn right he is, and I love everything about him from his mustache to his troubling right-wing politics”). And then, of course, it’s off to a parking garage for Diane and her man to have some classic car sex.

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