“Chasing Life” recap (1.19): Enough


Previously on Chasing Life, Brenna confessed to Greer and Kieran that she had an abortion, Graham asked Beth to move in with him, Natalie kissed Dom, and Leo told April he’s never felt this way about anyone before.

We open at a Private Parts fundraiser, where everyone is being goofy and happy in a photo booth, including Brenna and Greer.

 Chasing Life 119-1

Well, everyone except Beth. Beth looks rather sad.

But before we get into that, we jump back in time two days. Beth tells April that Graham asked her to move in with him, but April is a little wary; they’ve only been dating for six months. Beth says she’s sure this is the best decision, so April tries to be happy for her friend. Besides, she’s in a great mood because she and Leo are giving it another chance. Now it’s Beth’s turn to be wary, since it’s hard to forgive people who have wronged your friends. Since they both have humps to get over, April suggests a double date dinner party, because surely four narcissists of varying degrees in one room will go over really smoothly.

At the Charles, Brenna complains to Greer and Kieran about Sara not being unconditionally supportive about her taking a gap year to travel before college. Kieran says his parents don’t care what he does as long as he’s happy, which is annoyingly perfect. Kieran tells Greer she looks good and she says she feels good, then proves it by teasing him for calling her crazy.


Chasing Life 119-2 Fine enough to make you feel bad for calling me crazy.

Greer is back on her meds because her parents didn’t even notice her act of rebellion. Speaking of which, she tells Brenna and Kieran that they can throw in the towel now, she will always win the Whose Parents Suck More competition.

Either on the other side of this coffee shop/bar, or in a different establishment also called The Charles (and in Boston, it’s very possible), Dom arrives early for a work meeting to say hi to Natalie. They chat about music and its ability to link itself to memories, feelings and stories like a time capsule, and how Air That I Breathe is Natalie’s favorite song. They’re interrupted by April and they both get really squirrely but April’s just there for some tea.


When April leaves, Natalie apologizes for acting so weird and Dom says it’s strange that they feel so jumpy, because it’s not like they’re doing anything wrong. They decide to just be friends and then exchange numbers and flirty smiles, you know, like friends do.

April goes to her cancer support group and runs into her little friend Julian. Julian tells her that he’s throwing a fundraiser for people with cancer of their private parts and asks if Leo would maybe MC? His wish-fulfilment adventures made him somewhat of a legend in the community. Even though Leo told her he wants to start separating himself from the cancer world, April promises Julian that she’ll convince Leo to help out.

Later that night, Brenna is woken up by a text. She goes downstairs and finds Greer standing outside in the rain. Greer explains that she tried to talk to her parents about being Out of Town all the time, but all her mother did in response was scold her for not respecting her parents. She asks Brenna is she can stay over, pretty please with sugar on top.

Chasing Life 119-4Keeping in mind saying ‘no’ would basically be kicking a puppy.

Brenna says she can stay as long as she’s quiet because Sara will tie them to chairs and make them talk about their feelings for 24 hours straight if they’re caught. The lie in bed and have some real talk, whispering and processing like the good queer teenagers they are.

Brenna doesn’t understand why Greer’s mom is being such a bitch, since Greer is practically perfect in every way. When Greer shrugs and says her mom doesn’t think she’s anywhere near perfect, Brenna tells her that her mother is wrong and, to prove her point, kisses her.

Chasing Life 119-5 *internal screaming*

Greer looks a little nervous, as though she’s afraid it was just an impulse, as if she’s afraid to hope it meant anything more than just a quick show of support.

The next day, Beth and Graham are looking for apartments but things aren’t going well for their polar opposite personalities. It’s like daytime and nighttime trying to be in a room at the same time. But after a few high-strung minutes, Graham breaks the tension by saying that they should test out the mattresses to see which one is more comfortable.

At work, after an adorkable interaction and plans to meet up for another rendezvous, Sara meets her office mate’s wife and nearly goes blind and deaf from the shock of it. She calls Owen into her office and is absolutely FURIOUS with him. He tries to explain that it’s complicated, but as someone whose husband left her with his saucy mistress and their wild love child, she is not interested in his excuses or explanations. She doesn’t approve, the end.

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