“Scandal” reveals a surprise lifelong lesbian love affair


You liked her as soon as you saw her on Scandal. Maybe it was because you instantly recognized the actress as Marla Gibbs, otherwise known as feisty maid Florence in your childhood favorite, The Jeffersons. She was the best part of that television show. And don’t forget her role on 227. She was so funny! But, she’s serious now. Now, she is Rose and she is looking for her friend, Lois.

You liked how she stubbornly refused to tell Quinn who she was or what she wanted when she showed up at Pope and Associates three episodes ago looking for the “black lady” who lived across the hall from her friend Lois. You liked that her showing up at OPA is what ultimately helped the gladiators find Olivia. And you felt bad for her because you knew, even if she didn’t, that her friend Lois was dead.

So you’re glad to see her outside of Olivia’s apartment, giving Lois’ landlord a hard time about changing the locks on the apartment. She hasn’t heard from her friend in three weeks, but she is not giving up on finding her. Olivia, who has been swigging booze from a bottle on the floor of her apartment for who knows how long, intervenes through the door of her apartment. Olivia knows that Lois is dead. She watched mercenaries shoot Lois in the heart in her own apartment where they took Olivia immediately after kidnapping her from across the hall. 

peekabooRose and landlord

Olivia knows Lois is dead because she was stuffed in a body bag with Lois’ corpse and driven away from their apartment building in an ambulance. Yet, she informs the landlord that by law, Lois’ apartment is still hers for five more days. Then she lets Rose in and makes her a cup of tea.

Rose is grateful for Olivia’s help. Lois, Olivia’s neighbor really liked Olivia. She always told Rose that if she were ever in trouble, she should go the to black lady across the hall. When Olivia asks if Rose and Lois were close, Rose explains just how much.

“Lo calls me every morning and tells me what she had for breakfast. We meet for lunch and power walk through the park. We take turns making dinner. We go way back. I know Lois like I know me.”

Rose tells Olivia that she has gone to the police but they suggested that maybe Lois went on vacation. But, Lois and Rose go on vacation in August. The police thought that maybe Lois needed some time alone. But Rose, who has a key to Lois’ apartment, found her wallet on the kitchen counter. What kind of alone time could she afford without her wallet? Rose wants to know.

Something's wrong

Olivia isn’t back yet. Not Really. She is still traumatized by everything she went through during her kidnapping. I mean, the woman is walking around in her apartment brushing her teeth with a gun in her hand. She’s not ready. But like you, she feels bad for Rose, so she asks Quinn and Huck to find Lois’ body so that at least she can give her some closure.

There are a lot of other things going on:

The White House is trying to confirm Susan Ross as Vice President despite her lack of experience and her hilarious cackle during her first press conference. Leo tries to spin the blunder, and it works for the most part. But Leo is too hard on her and Susan quits.

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