“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.15): The Streak


Good day, GreysGays. I want to try a little something different with this week’s recap, because the episode really lent itself to breaking it into groups of docs and their cases.

Last week on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Herman lived to snark another day, but she is now blind thanks to that bastard tumor. Amelia is a superheroine, and Callie and Arizona connected in a meaningful way. This week, maybe to diffuse some of the heavy personal drama from the last two episodes, was really about the cases. Also this week, an earthquake jolts a little sense into the doctors.

Meredith and her winning streak

Meredith has been an absolute machine lately, arriving super early for rounds and staying late. One might say she’s avoiding something, like seeing her husband or dealing with her crumbling marriage, but whatever. As she operates on a patient, a pretty epic earthquake rocks the hospital. Meredith protectively places her body over the patient’s open cavity, because she’s Meredith. Jo watches from the theatre, which she has apparently been doing a lot of. Jo tells Steph that she’s been keeping track of Meredith’s surgeries and she is on a streak, meaning she hasn’t lost a patient since November, months ago.

After the surgery, Meredith and Alex help out in the ER where an engaged couple and their respective children have been brought in. They were skiing when the quake hit, and the dad and his fiance’s son both fell off the ski lift. Ski dad’s daughter is a real brat, and resents the hell out of his fiance and her son, blaming the kid for the accident. Jo begs Alex to let her off of his service that day so she can work with Meredith and her winning streak. He warns her not to tell Meredith about it, because knowing her, it will throw her off.

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It turns out that the son, Micah, isn’t doing so well, and while getting a CAT scan, he starts crashing due to his ruptured spleen. Meredith punches him in the damn chest, and gets his heart pumping again. They rush him to surgery. When his mother finds out, she becomes furious with her fiance and Ski Dad feels terrible. All he wanted was to unite this family and, instead, he pushed them further apart.

While working on Mica, Meredith brags about how healthy her and Alex’s relationships are. So what that she has to cancel DC? She and Derek in a groove. Alex begs to differ and suggests that ruts can look like grooves to people who are in denial. Meredith is quick to point out that Alex isn’t exactly a champ in the long term relationship game. His relationship with Izzie was a “Cancer Marriage.” Eva went and peed on Mer’s couch. Hell, Jo’s the best thing that’s happened to him since—well, ever. Meredith reiterates what Cristina once told her, that her life doesn’t revolve around Derek. Her marriage is happy, even if her husband isn’t really in it at the moment.

When Meredith pulls Micah out of a perilous situation, Jo lets it slip about the streak. Meredith can’t help but be impacted by the fact that the streak started the day Derek left. She wonders if, perhaps, it was kismet that Derek left, allowing her to truly climb. Fuck climbing—she’s soaring! She doesn’t need Derek, but she wants him and heads off to give him a call. A woman picks up, and it’s not Derek’s assistant. In fact, she’s a complete mystery and won’t tell Meredith who she is. When she hangs up on Meredith, a sense of dread enters the room. Is Derek stepping out?

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