Ilana Glazer and Alia Shawkat have sex on “Broad City”


There have been many hints on Broad City that Ilana could be less than straight. She’s kissed female co-workers, tried to reconnect with one hot girl from her past (among a bunch of guys, but still) and been jealous when BFF Abbi admits she kissed a woman that wasn’t her. So when the Broads of the City teased earlier this year that there might be some same-sex sex happening on Season 2, I had a feeling Ilana would be the one partaking.

On last night’s episode, Ilana meets Adele (Alia Shawkat) at a party (where she’s failing at working in the coat check with Abbi) and the two immediately hit it off. All it took was one look at the women, who look almost exactly alike one another, and they were making out in the middle of the restaurant.

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The next day, Ilana shares how she had her “first simultaneous orgasm” the night before, and from a kiss. “I think this might be what love feels like,” she says, and Abbi doesn’t balk at it one bit. Ilana is bisexual, ya’ll! But later Abbi does say that she thinks her relationship with Adele is mostly sexual. Abbi is surprised Ilana even wants her to meet someone she’s dating. “The only reason I met Lincoln was because you forgot you were with him one time.”

As Adele strolls up and Ilana beams, Abbi can spot the narcissism right away. Ilana is attracted to herself, just in another person. The two make out heavily and Abbi stands nearby awkwardly before making her out. She hugs Ilana tight and says, “Dude, she looks exactly like you.”


Ilana is shocked to realize it’s true, but they go home together anyway.

In the bedroom, Adele and Ilana see that they have the same bra size and Ilana has a momentary freak out when she thinks they have the same tattoo. (It’s really just her own arm.) Ilana wants to turn the lights off but she can still see her going down on herself. She stops Adele mid-lick (I know, I just heard myself) and says, “The biting was dope. It’s just—how do I put this delicately? I don’t want to freak you out too much, but we look exactly alike.”

Adele’s response: “Yeah, no shit. I’m not blind. Isn’t that why you were drawn to me in the first place?”

Ilana says she was drawn to “her aura, her scent, her curls and her cheeks.” They both masturbate in the mirror. “That’s what so hot about it,” Adele says. “It’s like hooking up with yourself.” (Which, BTW, is something that some people actually believe to be true about lesbians: We are huge narcissists and only want to fuck ourselves.)

“I have sex with people different from me,” Ilana explains. “Different colors, different shapes, different sizes. People who are hotter, people who are uglier. More smart; not more smart. Innies, outies. I don’t know, a Catholic person.”

But Adele says she knows exactly what Ilana likes and points out her G spot. Ilana thinks it’s creepy, which Adele finds lame. And then when Adele says she doesn’t smoke pot, Ilana kicks her out. Automatic goodbye, Adele, doesn’t matter how cute you are or how you know to activate a G spot in less than one second’s time.

Later, Ilana and Abbi reconvene (Abbi has had a long night at Kelly Ripa‘s) and contemplate calling up hookers. There’s no more talk about Adele, so it appears Ilana has moved on, because that is Ilana’s way. The only person she has sex with on a regular basis is Lincoln (Hannibal Buress), but she doesn’t want to commit to him because she doesn’t want to commit to anyone. Ilana is the definition of sexually fluid, and also non-monogamous. She’s young, self-obsessed and more interested in flings and good times, and that’s a fun character to watch.

As a huge fan of Alia Shawkat’s and Broad City, I loved this episode and that they brought in a woman who looked exactly like Ilana vs. a guy version of her to have the same kind of revelation with. This seems to have started from people in real life confusing Ilana and Alia for one another, so they really utilized the mix-ups in the best way. Even though Ilana broke things off, I’l stay hopeful that won’t be the last we see of Adele, or Ilana’s interest in women.