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Last, but not least, is Argentina’s Lado C.

The show, which is produced and filmed in Buenos Aires, follows a group of childhood friends as they re-live part of their past by listening to tapes, as in cassettes. Hence the name Side C.


This is what a cassette looks like for all of you youngsters and those who haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy.

The show is extremely LGBTQ friendly, as a matter of fact, it was pretty much created for the LGBTQ community, with one Lesbian character (Mia), a transgender woman with a surprising secret (Zoe), and Rita, who’s pansexual. The production makes sure to take part in LGBTQ related activities as promoting equality means a lot to them. Here’s a video the cast shot in 2013, protesting the anti-gay laws that passed in Russia. It’s hardly the only thing they’ve done. I think we approve of them before we even began talking about the show.

It’s a rare project in the media world of the last few years, since it’s a sit-com. You get the laughs track and everything. The show describes itself as touching on the subjects of identity, sexual diversity, acceptance, tolerance, and many other subjects relevant to nowadays.

Here are some other things to consider: The actors break the fourth wall quite often, adding to the general meta feel of the whole thing.

In the opening sequence of the show we meet geeky roommates whose living room is decorated with Charmander and a megazord.

Their music is entirely original from the opening theme, through the underscore and the ending song. As a matter of fact, each episode ends with a song by a different indie band that submitted its work to the production. LGBTQ friendly and helping to promote artists? Not too bad.

We also can’t ignore the fact that Mia’s ringtone is what used to be Sugar Rush’s opening song. (OK, it’s famous for a thousand other reasons, but our logic is a gay one.)

Bonus: Did I mention Mia is a redhead? I was promised that she will find herself attached to someone by the end of the season. Maybe that someone is the mysterious Alma in the photo below?

FA7 6

And most importantly, first episode is up for viewing with English subtitles! Producer Sabrina Sanguinetti assured me that all six episodes of the first season will be up soon (hopefully April, but no promises), subtitles included! There are currently working on Season 2.




Thanks to my special Spanish consultant, Constanza, who you should follow because she’s a fierce superstar. Be sure to check Lado C out! But wait, we’re not done yet, for it is a tradition by now to take out your notepads for more tidbits.

Also from Argentina, is Plan V, available both in Spanish and English!

Make sure you check out Brazil’s RED, which we recommended not so long ago.

A definite favorite is Spain’s Chica Busca Chica, which was so successful that after a six years journey, it was turned into a movie.

Since we can never get enough of Canadian content, I’d like to mention Seeking Simone. (We ran them!) The show was an official selection by the Inside Out–Toronto’s LGBT Film Festival, and you can see the entirety of its two seasons here.

A few years back, a campaign was launched to help the German show Emma Stahl come to life. The show was about to have everything you can possibly dream of. A kick ass special agent lesbian lead, tons of action, high production value and a Verbotene Liebe alum. Emma was meant to be a player, with a more serious romantic development as the show went on, but sadly, after finishing the campaign and shooting a very appealing trailer, the producers realized they wanted so much more for the show. Production stopped, but they’re seriously thinking about coming back in a platform TBD, so hopefully, you haven’t seen the last of the special agent!

This concludes this series of opening columns. I promised you a friendly competition to see which country is in the lead of the BLT chart after all the additions you send me. Remember, this is counting the number of TV shows, past and present, that had BLT characters in them. Here are the top 5.

UK (Scotland and Wales included): 37 shows

Australia: 20 shows

Spain: 10 shows

Israel: 9 shows

Canada and Germany: 8 shows each (I don’t believe Israel is rated higher than Canada. While I’m very proud, I call on you, Canadians, to tell me if I missed something!)

It’s been a pleasure, explorers, and whether or not we’ll have a worldly recap every week, is really up to you and the tips you will send to [email protected] . If you’d let me know about it, I’ll let the rest know about it, too! Hope you enjoyed this journey as much as I did!

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