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Explorers, today we’re embarking on an especially exotic journey and heading into the wild. The world wild web, that is.

Web shows aren’t for everybody. Some people don’t like them. Some people used to not like them and then they came across a web show with a sexy queer vampire who attends a college that puts Sunnydale high to shame. Some were always on board, generally speaking, but weren’t always sure where to go to find the content. Whether you want to try something new, or just haven’t found the one to “turn you” yet, this one’s for you.

tumblr_nfz8s8tKIn1r9s5p2o3_250Carmilla and Laura. They fought bravely and turned us all.

Here’s the deal when it comes to web shows: The quality isn’t always the best, the episodes aren’t very long, and the shows can come to an abrupt end, leaving you broken-hearted, swimming in a pile of comfort food on the floor. So you see? It can be tricky.

But there’s something to be said about web shows–you can watch them no matter where you are. No mean zone restriction messages, just simple YouTube/Vimeo and co. And, when they get it right, they get it really right.

The language, though, is a different matter. We can’t always be so lucky and get international shows from our friends in the north, down under, or over the pond (even though they supply us with quite a lot of material).

But here’s a fun thought for our bilingual readers: A good friend of mine contacted Felicia Day years ago and offered to do Hebrew captions for The Guild (which I always refer to as “the mother of all webs hows” because let’s face it, it is.) Felicia said yes, and the result was a Youtube channel with Hebrew captions for the episodes. Web shows creators are usually way more accessible than TV peeps, and furthermore, they like to communicate. And so, if any of you try and do something similar to what I mentioned above and it works out and we end with English subtitles, let us know! We’ll make sure everybody knows about it!

“Know about what, Chen? You haven’t told us anything interesting yet.”

Sheesh, I know, OK? I know. This was just a little stalling technique, because truth be told, the wild can get intense, but, I’m ready if you are.

Let’s head to one of the more LGBT-friendly destinations we’ve been to, I’m talking about the country that brought us Carmilla. Yes, welcome to Canada once more!

AfterEllen’s romance with Out With Dad started five years ago. The show, which finished its third season (that’s 42 episodes that you guys can watch!) is set in Toronto both on and off screen. It is the coming of age story of the 15-year-old Rose, who lives with her single dad, and is trying to figure out her sexuality.

FA7 2(1)

There’s also Vanessa, Rose’s best friend-turned-girlfriend. I think you know what it’s like when you’re young, and queer, and have a best friend. Confusing, is what it’s like. Vanessa’s story was complicated too, which is why she got her own spin-off.

Check out the trailer for the first season and remember, if you like it, you can just go on and watch it all!

Rose and Vanessa. Some things are complicated, some are super simple.

The people behind the show are gearing up for the fourth season, and, there’s more: Jason Leaver and Nadine Bell (who created LesLieVille) have co-created a new show, But, How Do I Have Sex? The dramedy, which will shoot in Toronto later this year, will follow the lives of a lesbian woman who isn’t entirely comfortable with her label just yet, and her best friend, a wheelchair-bound straight guy, as each try to figure out how you date (and of course, have sex) when there’s something that limits you. Our lesbian girl, by the way, is Kate Conway, the same actress who portrays Rose Miller in Out with Dad.

Here’s the trailer. And their official website.

But oh, we’re not done with Toronto based shows. B.J. Fletcher Private Eye, was also covered by AfterEllen! The series follows the shenanigans of the crazy PI whom the show is named after. She has a sidekick/best friend/love interest in Georgia. And you can watch it all on the official website! Isn’t it grand?

Toronto seems to be a really good place for LGBT related web shows. It was brought to my attention, that last year, during the first Toronto WebFest, a special award was given to an outstanding LGBTQ web series (which was given to the British “The Vessel” but that’s beside the point.) tumblr_n81qitj0Gk1rrysyyo1_500

Go Canada and thanks for all the maple!

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