“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.15): Oh, Baby!


As a young girl, Jane loved asking questions. She asks Xiomara, “What does love feel like?” “It sort of feels like your heart is glowing.” Jane, being as smart as she is, wasn’t satisfied with Xiomara’s answer. Jane needed something more clear.

Is the baby healthy? That’s the current question Jane has on her mind. Jane and Rafael anxiously await the results. The doctor is late to call, so Jane decides to call the doctor instead. The baby is healthy. Upon hearing the great news, Rafael feels it’s time for Jane to move in but Jane isn’t ready just yet. She still wants to go along with her plan, which was to date, get engaged, and then have a baby. Even though her plan has taken a left turn with this baby, she still wants to try and continue with what’s left of her plan.

JTV 15.1

Michael runs into Jane at the hotel. He says he just saw Angelique Harper, one of Jane’s favorite authors who happens to be a romance novelist, who is staying at the hotel. Jane tells Rafael about it and he makes mention about the private reading the Angelique is having that night. Jane freaks out about meeting Angelique Harper and does a shimmy out the door.

Inspired by her favorite author, Jane goes home to write a romance story of her own. She takes the manuscript with her to the reading in hopes of giving it to Angelique. As Angelique reads from her story, she mentions Jane’s name. It’s as though she’s describing and speaking directly to Jane. Jane thinks she’s imagining this or that it just so happens to be a coincidence. Angelique tells Jane to stand. Jane continues to sit because, once again, she thinks she’s imagining it. Angelique tells Jane, again, to stand, which she finally does. Over walks Rafael with a ring box in hand. He gets on one knee and sweetly proposes to Jane. “Can we talk in private?” she whispers to him.

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Rafael misinterpreted Jane when she spoke about dating and getting married. He thought that she really wanted to get married soon but that wasn’t what she was trying to tell him. Rafael doesn’t care. “Marry me,” he tells her. Jane goes home to tell Xiomara and Abuela about Rafael’s proposal. “I told him I’d think about it.” Xiomara and Abuela get into an argument because Abuela said Jane should marry Rafael. She married her husband after only knowing each other for forty-one days. Xiomara begs to differ.

Abuela finds a compatibility test from an old magazine she kept after meeting her husband. Abuela said her husband passed the test and they got married shortly after that. She proceeds to ask Jane questions from the test. Is he generous? Yes. Is he kind? Yes. Does he know you inside, down to your core? That’s the questions that stops Jane in her tracks.

Scott, who was Mr. Solano’s former assistant, is now Petra’s assistant. He warns Rafael that Petra is going to fire Lachlan. Later, Lachlan shows Rafael the sex tape between him and Petra. He wants to release the tape to get Petra off the board for good. If that tape is released, it would look bad on Petra’s behalf and would force her to step down or be taken down.

Xiomara thinks she might be pregnant. She missed a birth control pill or two this month, and her period is late. Rogelio notices something is up with her. She finally tells Rogelio that she thinks she might be pregnant. Rogelio says that it would be a blessing to have a baby. By the look on his face, Xiomara can tell that he’s lying. “Gotcha!” Rogelio is relieved, admitting that having a baby would be a disaster. Xiomara is enraged by this and admits that she was lying. Rogelio storms out.

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Rafael and Jane meet on the beach and she tells him that she’s thinking of putting off writing for a few years to just focus on the baby. She asks Rafael what he thinks about that. He doesn’t agree with it because he knows that her love and passion is with writing. She tells him that he passed the test from Abuela’s old magazine. Rafael is hurt and upset by this. He doesn’t need a test to know whether or not he should marry Jane. He loves her and he wants to marry her. Rafael stomps off.