“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episodes 2.11 & 2.12


Part OneToo Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden

Aiden’s Bedroom—It’s an early morning school day, and Aiden is busy being eye candy for non-lesbians everywhere when Madison calls from her car. Madison? Finally! I’ve missed her. We zoom in on her hand and she’s wearing a band aid on her finger. This could be serious! We pan up to her face and it is serious. Girlfriend looks raggedy, like she hasn’t slept for two weeks (Note to self: remember to ask Sarah when we hired Madison as a staff member here at AfterEllen.com). She’s pretending to be all cool on the phone with Aiden, like she didn’t flip her wig and strip out of her cheerbitch uniform the last time she was at school. She promises that she’s coming back to school on Monday.

Before he can even get his shirt on, Aiden’s getting a call from yet another girl. Kyla needs a favor (painting sets). Then the phone rings again and it’s Spencer, calling because she left a book at his house and wants to pick it up. Pan to his bed, and Ashley is in it. Fully clothed, yes, but still. She is pissed that he just invited Spencer over because it will look bad for her find Ashley there confiding in Aiden about “girl trouble”.

Why does Ash even have girl trouble? Spencer worships her! Ash says that things are “weird” between them now because Spencer’s family wants to hang out with her and, oh yeah, there’s the matter of that little lovey dovey video of Ash and Aiden that made Spencer worry about their “friendship”.

Spencer shows up (where the hell was she when she called, outside his window?) and is immediately suspicious of the scenario. At least Ash had the good sense to get out of Aiden’s bed before Spence got there.

Spencer wonders why Ashley is in Aiden’s bedroom before school and Ashley makes a lame attempt at a lie—she says she’s there to talk to Aiden about his problems with Kyla. But you can tell by the way she overacts her lie that she’s not really worried about protecting Spencer’s feelings.

Spencer can tell too, and she leaves in a “whatever!” huff. Ashley chases after her and Aiden is just glad that he doesn’t have to run after anyone.

The Gym—Aiden is pounding away at a punching bag per the norm, and Glen is spotting him. Aiden is bitching about how tough it is to be one of the girls and Glen snorts in agreement, “That’s why I don’t have girls as friends. There’s too much talking, and talking, and talking!” Glen also tells him to get over himself and keep in mind that he has hottie Kyla as a girlfriend, so go be with her for crying out loud!

Backstage—Aiden shows up at the theatre where Kyla is working. He spouts a few lines from Romeo and Juliet, hands her a pot of tulips and suggest that they give it another try. They share a long smooch (one of many in this episode—for Aiden and Kyla, that is) and it looks like they are ON again.

Carlin Kitchen—Arthur is making another big production out of cooking a meal for his family. He wants Glen to have “fun” cooking with him, and to get a hobby that doesn’t drive him to be the “best”. Glen reminds him that he was the best at “getting high.” Arthur doesn’t find that to be particularly funny.

Kyla’s Bedroom—Aiden and Kyla are hanging out on her bed when Spencer and Ashley walk in. Aiden announces that the lovebirds have gotten back together and Spencer grudgingly admits that it’s hard to stay angry with Ash for too long. But you can tell that she is kinda stlll mad at her. They sit down for an impromptu chat and Ash immediately starts reminiscing about Aiden’s crappy sense of fashion back when they used to date.

Spencer forces a big fake smile, like it’s just sooo fun for her to watch their flirty little back and forth. What she’s really doing is replaying their little video in her head, over and over and over again. Which must be why she looks like she wants to smack Ashley. (Maybe Spence and Ash should handle their problems like Jackie and Mimi from Workout. At least they’d get some sustained physical contact.)

Sick of the ribbing, Aiden reminds Ash that she owes him.

Aiden: How about the suit of shining armor I wore when you wanted to run away with Spencer.

Spencer: Yeah, you wear that a lot for Ashley.

Everyone glazes over her jab, probably because they can’t process even low levels of sarcasm when they come from sweet little Spencer. Clueless (or maybe just careless), Ashley asks Aiden what he’ll be wearing to the prom this year, and he admits that he doesn’t have plans…yet. Then he continues playing hard to get by going home. He kisses Kyla goodbye—on the lips. Spencer decides to leave too, and she kisses Ashley goodbye—on the cheek. Grrr.

Once the paramours are out the door, Ashley buddies up to Kyla in a way that is new and, well, a little strange. She’s pouring on the sisterly love a little thick, and it almost seems like she wants to get close to Kyla so that she can keep tabs on Aiden.

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