“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.8): Candles


As season 4 draws to an end, Zoe and Wade are settling into a committed relationship as they prepare to become parents to an Alabama boy. George and Annabeth may very well be on the path to love while Lemon and Lavon elect to put their relationship on hold allowing for Lemon to focus on resolving family conflicts. And our beloved Crickett, although largely out of sight, seems to be moving right along with Jaysene.

Episode 8 opens with Lemon and Zoe clashing over who gets to purchase the last diaper genie for Tom and Wanda’s baby. Although Lemon reserved the coveted gift ahead of time, Zoe manages to use her pregnancy to her advantage and score the diaper genie leaving Lemon with the option of an oversized, one-eyed teddy bear or driving to Mobile to shop for something else.


George and Annabeth engage in some serious flirting and make plans to spend time together later while waiting to visit Tom, Wanda, and baby. George receives a message notifying him of an opportunity for Meatball to meet with a record label – much to both George and Meatball’s delight. Zoe and Wade pay a visit to Tom, Wanda, and baby. The couples discuss baby affairs as Wade’s anxiety for the impending arrival of baby Hart-Kinsella grows.

Lemon and Lavon share an awkward exchange. Annabeth explains to Lemon that the ball is in her court. Should she still want to move forward with Lavon, she needs to say so. Although Lemon is finally ready to reunite with Lavon, she is determined that it will be in the perfect, romantic setting and nothing less will do.

Shelby and Magnolia each have plans leaving Brick with baby Ethel. Noticing the odd behavior of his daughter and girlfriend, he suspects a surprise birthday party may be planned for him. When he is notified of a town meeting, he is convinced this is nothing more than a ploy to get him to the Rammer Jammer to begin celebrating. Much to his disappointment, Brick arrives at the Rammer Jammer to find that it is an actual town meeting. Lavon assigns various responsibilities to Bluebellians in an effort to ease the workload for new parents, Tom and Wanda. Zoe shares with Wade that, upon learning of Wanda’s rocking chair being passed down from generation to generation, she realized that she has no traditions to pass down to their son. Wade assures her that he will stop by his father’s place in search of a family heirloom to share with their baby to be. As tasks are assigned, Zoe’s name is drawn to serve on barn duty. Zoe effectively passes off the less than desirable task leaving Lemon to do the dirty work.


Lemon shows up for barn duty and, although things start out quite messy, Lavon’s presence turns a crappy evening into something oddly romantic. Although Lemon had originally planned to orchestrate the perfect moment in which to share her feelings with Lavon, she decides it simply cannot wait any longer. Upon revealing her love for Lavon, they share a much anticipated kiss.

Zoe and Wade enter a disappointingly empty kitchen. Apparently Zoe has been spoiled with Lavon’s morning routine of providing the breakfast spread. As Wade prepares to make breakfast instead, he shares with Zoe his less than successful attempt at getting his hands on a family heirloom for Earl’s house. Unless Zoe would like to inherit a neon beer sign, they’ll have to move on to other options. Lavon and Lemon enter in their pjs revealing their renewed love. Zoe and Lemon’s longtime status as frenemies comes to a head as the girls passive-aggressively argue over seating and the sole buttermilk muffin.

Brick’s birthday disappointment continues as Magnolia and Shelby leave breakfast abruptly without so much as a “happy birthday.”

George’s parents walk in on a sexy exchange between George and Annabeth. Although the moment is cringe-worthy, George’s parents offer their support for the new couple.


Lavon and Wade separately scold their girlfriends for their embarrassing display of immaturity at breakfast. Zoe and Lemon each agree to get along – Lemon, upon the condition that Lavon tell Brick that he and Lemon are back together.

In an effort to appease Lavon and Wade, Lemon and Zoe make plans for a “girl date.” Although it is obvious neither is overly enthused at the prospect of spending time together, they agree to share a spa day.

Tom is not exactly thankful for the Bluebellian takeover of his responsibilities. It seems that, when allowing others to handle his tasks, it was done in a less than satisfactory fashion. Tom is frustrated that his reputation has been compromised and asserts that his paternity leave is now over.

Annabeth and George spend time with George’s parents at the Rammer Jammer. Annabeth quickly learns of George’s parents’ high expectations of their son as well as their disapproval of some of his career choices. Although Annabeth is clearly proud of George’s success in music management, George doesn’t allow her to share the news with his parents as he knows this will not be up to their standard.

Lemon and Zoe’s spa day is off to a less than successful start. Lemon requests that Zoe allow her and Lavon some alone time during meals. What began as a potential negotiation quickly turns into an argument over time with Lavon. It is obvious that Zoe is accustomed to having Lavon’s companionship whenever she wants it and sacrificing some of their quality time now that Lemon is back in the picture may be too much to ask.


Having met the Truitt brothers and presumably learning of George’s newfound career ventures, George’s parents confront Annabeth with regard to the news.

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