“The Walking Dead” recap (5.13): Forget


It’s almost like watching the Twilight Zone with each new episode of The Walking Dead. Now that Rick and the gang are setting up shop in Alexandria, there’s a new test to memorize in order to survive: Maintain your sharpness while keeping up appearances, but don’t go soft. Sasha takes a stranger’s family photos out into the woods for target practice. As her eyes dart around after each shot, she anxiously awaits the sound of walkers. Out in the woods—that’s where our group gets their kicks nowadays, while back inside women like Olivia who we just met are jonesing to cure some meat and hope Sasha will return with pickles. Outside this community, our group became accustomed to not only killing walkers at every new turn, but to being on guard for anything to happen at literally any moment. Now, there’s talk of a welcoming party at Deanna’s. Has anyone seen Tara? And yes, Carol is still sporting a killer cardigan set.

5WalkingDead13.1 “I know how to play invisible. Game on.”

In last week’s episode, it seemed almost too wild—the idea that Carol has somehow reverted back to being “the good wife” with that proud smile across her face. Something tells me Carol has way more tricks up her sleeve now that she’s been plopped into this role again than we realize. In the woods, Carol, Rick and Daryl have a private meeting at the abandoned house where Rick ditched his gun in a blender and it disappeared. They decide they’ll raid the gun pantry where they stow away loads of weaponry that Carol says they’ll hardly notice is missing. Suddenly, a pack of walkers approaches and they notice one of them has a carving on his head, it reads: W. Now what could that stand for? Winner? Walt? Wimp? Walker? Back in the neighborhood, Michonne is cooling at a perfect 74 degrees as she tries on her newly appointed cop uniform. Of course, in true Michonne fashion, she’s added her own flair to the windbreaker—a braid of material up the back. She and Rick briefly discuss how surreal this new undertaking is—baffled that a town would hire a pair of strangers to be their authority.


5WalkingDead13.2Look out Law & Order. Michonne’s the new Mariska.

Deanna tells the group that she sees this place turning into a civilized, governmental, sustainable community, with industries and commerce. Rick calls them “lucky”—maybe the luckiest people there ever were in this new world. It’s true. It’s like this is the Pleasantville of the zombie apocalypse. All of this after Rick and co. just nearly lost their lives in that barn, during that terrible storm when he proposed heroically that they are (pause) the walking dead. While Carol chats lady talk on the porch with a few other townspeople—you know, just swap talk about cooking methods for the big party, Carol rejoins Rick and offers to him she’s just getting into the swing of things—it’s particularly easy for her to blend in (I just knew that blender held some irony!), which means they’ll surely be able to sneak away at the party without going unnoticed to fetch some of those hidden guns. Hey, that’s what happens when you put on your best smile, and the color salmon.

Daryl runs into Aaron out in the woods. We didn’t see much of Aaron or his boyfriend Eric in the last episode—they were probably recovering and getting Eric back on his feet. Or cuddling in bed. Aaron is surprised when Daryl pulls him out of his hiding area. He asks if Daryl can hear the difference between a walker and a human. Daryl just continues chewing on his cheek, per usual, and tells Aaron to keep up. They spot a horse—Aaron says its name is Buttons. These people and their naming. Right as Daryl is about to lasso this horse back with them to Alexandria, a hoard of walkers spook the horse away. Meanwhile, Carol is talking with Olivia—who apparently works record keeping in the pantry and the gun locker. She just can’t believe Carol’s little secret—substituting applesauce for eggs in cookie batter? Oh, what a hootenanny. Carol’s like, “Yeah, I got a whole recipe book full of secrets.” Just as she’s fishing a chocolate bar out of the “hall freezer” a couple of guys enter to the gun locker to fetch some weapons. One guy introduces himself as Tobin. He asks if Carol is afraid of guns. Rick is right. We’re in a play. And that play is called “Carol Has Y’all Fooled.” She bats her eyes and tells Tobin she had a handgun out there, but the big ones—yeah, those are mighty scary! He offers his assistance in teaching her the proper ways to use a gun. What no one standing nearby can see is that Carol’s simply unlocked the window that leads into the gun locker, and also, that she was once an Ewok-looking woodland creature who bombed a warehouse of cannibals and killed a child.

 5WalkingDead13.3 You should’ve seen my face ten minutes ago. Smile!

As Deanna’s party begins, Rick, Carl, Baby Judith, Abraham and Rosita walk in. Rick meets Deanna’s husband who has nothing but nice things to say about Rick’s heroism. Sasha really wants to get involved—someone needs to be in that watchtower every day and she’s willing. Why has Deanna been so resistant with her? She told Sasha to come to her party, what will happen when Sasha arrives? Will she arrive? While partygoers sip their booze (the only reason Abraham is sticking around), Daryl and Aaron are still on the hunt for Buttons. Unfortunately, it’s too late. Buttons is taken down by a pack of walkers and Aaron must put him out of his misery.