Jane Lynch brings it on


Hoping to piggyback off the cataclysmic success of Disney’s High School Musical movies, Fox has ordered 13 episodes of a musical comedy series called Glee. The one-hour show will follow an idealistic chorus teacher as he tries to inspire a group of ragamuffin students — plus a Zac Efron-esque star quarterback — to musical stardom.

You’re probably thinking that High School Musical has already told this story three times, and wondering if there any possible way to make the show fresh and engaging.

Yes, yes there is: Glee will star Jane Lynch — as a cheerleading coach.

Just let that ruminate. This morning you woke up thinking something was missing from your life, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it. Now, I am telling you that Fox has created a show where Bring it On meets Sister Act, and Jane Lynch is going to get to say something like, “This is not a democracy; it’s a cheerocracy. I’m sorry, but I’m overruling you.”

And then some punk kid is going to be all, “You’re a cheertator, Jane Lynch, and a pain in my ass.”

And then Jane Lynch is going to eat that kid for breakfast.

It’s the show you never knew you needed!

Lynch’s character, Sue Sylvester, will be an antagonist to the optimistic new glee club director (played by Ryan Murphy). I suppose there will be some recruitment rivalry as show choir and cheerleading usually pull students with the same skill set. At the very least, they both require jazz hands.

There’s no firm air date yet, but the pilot has already been filmed. Fox reps say they hope to debut the show this spring.

How gleeful are you with the thought of Jane Lynch as a cheerleading coach?

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