A lesbian couple enters “Sex Box” this Friday night


This Friday night, WE airs the second episode of its all-new show Sex Box, which is almost exactly what it sounds like. Real couples are brought onto a stage in front of a live audience where they discuss their relationship and sex issues with three experts before entering a separate box where they have sex, right on that same stage. Of course, the stage is protected so no one can see or hear what is going on inside, but the idea is to have the couples come out after, in a more vulnerable and honest state than when they entered, to have frank discussions about their physical and emotional connections.

Brittany Pennington and Sally Beaver have been married for a little over a year (in fact, you may recognize them as one of the pairs that got hitched on the 2014 Grammys), but have faced some struggles in that short amount of time. As you can see in the exclusive clips below, Sally’s family is not very accepting of her relationship, and it has taken a toll on their marriage.

One of Sex Box‘s experts is Dr. Yvonne Capehart, a pastor and couples counselor who identifies herself as a Christian. When she hears Sally’s story, she makes sure to make her feel loved and accepted, because that is what will make her an even better partner to Brittany. But what is revealed on the episode shows that both women have to own up to some things.

Sex Box airs this Friday, March 6th at 10 pm ET/PT on WE tv. 

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