“Gotham” recap (1.18): Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue


Gotham continues to creep its way into my cold dark heart, despite the absence of Renee Montoya and Barbara this week. The show has taken a turn for the dark and ludicrous, and I am helplessly drawn to it like a moth to a tacky flame.

gotham1Did you know this place has free popsicle sticks!?

We open in the hospital, where Alfred is recovering and Gordon brings Bruce a bagel. Alfred brushes off his stabbing as a “light puncture” and refuses to name Reggie when Gordon asks who did it. Once Gordon leaves, Bruce asks Alfred why he didn’t rat out Reggie, and Alfred says it breaks the bro code. I’m pretty sure the bro code also includes not stabbing your buddy, but whatever. Alfred wants to hunt Reggie down himself and starts pulling out his IVs and wires, but he quickly stumbles because he GOT STABBED IN THE CHEST. Bruce orders him to get back into bed, and Alfred begrudgingly does.

gotham2We must leave, Master Bruce. My Obamacare doesn’t cover friendly stabbings!

In another hospital bed, Fish wakes up from her de-eyeballing. Dr. Francis Dulmacher watches over her and asks how she feels. He’s very impressed by her chutzpah/insanity and promises they’ll have much to discuss.

gotham3This morphine is divine!

gotham4It’s just Tylenol PM LOL!

He then apologizes for his low eyeball stock and how he couldn’t match hers. Sure enough, Fish looks under her bandages and sees that she now has a blue eye. This is kind of cool, but pales in comparison to all the kicky, feathery eye patches I was hoping for.

gotham5Did he steal Taylor Swift’s eyeball?

Hey, remember when Harvey Dent was on this show? Well, he’s back! Arnold Flass’s murder charges have been dropped, despite all the evidence against him. Commissioner Loeb is behind his release, and with the help of some witness testimony, Flass is going to walk. Even worse, he’s running for president of the policeman’s union.

gotham6I don’t want to be here either, but they spun the wheel of supporting characters and it landed on me

Gordon goes to chew out Loeb and accuse him of perverting the justice system, but Loeb shows him a videotape of the witness testimony; it’s Bullock, recanting his story. Gordon looks like someone just kicked his dog.

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