“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.7): The Butterstick Tab


Last episode, we witnessed the gushing Crickett share of the excitement of a new romance with Jaysene. Although we were unable to see it firsthand, we’re accepting the breadcrumbs as we can all relate to the excitement that comes with the prospect of a first lady love – even if it’s only second hand. Meanwhile, on the more hetero side of Bluebell, Zoe and Wade prepare for baby boy Hart-Kinsella; George and Annabeth acknowledge their feelings for one another, effectively allowing for Lemon to attempt one more shot with Lavon; and Brick’s ex/the estranged mother of Lemon and Magnolia is in town. We ended with Lemon going to pay a visit to Lavon to profess her love and, along the way, seeing Brick and Alice together.

Episode 7 opens with Wade demonstrating his inability to completely leave his flirtatious ways in the past, despite being in a committed relationship with baby on the way. Zoe overhears a conversation he has with the attractive, Zumba-bodied mail lady and voices her concerns about raising a boy in a house that condones getting one’s way through cheesy come-ons toward the opposite sex. Wade initially disagrees, but eventually gives in and promises to change his ways.


Brick confesses of Alice’s arrival to Lemon over breakfast not yet realizing that Lemon has already witnessed this with her own eyes. Although Alice’s actions have been reprehensible, Brick seems to have softened a bit upon hearing her side of things. Lemon is less than convinced and is shocked that her father would consider forgiving Alice for leaving them. Brick insists that what she has done is unforgivable, but he and Shelby agree that his talking with Alice has paved the way for some much needed closure. He believes this could also be beneficial for Lemon. Their breakfast is interrupted by Shelby, baby Ethel, and Magnolia. Shelby thanks Lemon for agreeing to cater Ethel’s birthday; Lemon excuses herself to get some fresh air.

George and Annabeth discuss the craziness of their recent schedules, which has seemingly led to a lack of time spent together. George declares that he will clear his calendar, so they can go on a date. Lemon enters as George is leaving and Annabeth reveals that she and George have a date planned the following evening. Annabeth apologizes for any awkwardness this may cause and acknowledges the weirdness that may arise as two best friends date one another’s exes. Lemon corrects Annabeth and shares that she did not reach her destination the other night when she ventured out to reconnect with Lavon. Lemon confides in her friend with regard to Alice’s Bluebell appearance. Annabeth comforts Lemon, but Lemon asserts that she is fine and it’s over now. It appears that Brick’s pleas for Lemon to meet with Alice, at this point, are being denied. Lemon’s heart is closed to the idea of hearing the mother who left her explain what drove her to do such hurtful things to their family.

Brick tells Zoe that he’d like to forget about Alice ever darkening the door of their clinic and requests Zoe keep it between them. As Zoe agrees to his request, Alice’s daughter and current husband, Scarlett and Jim, enter the clinic to ask that Zoe do a follow up exam on Scarlett’s broken arm. Zoe reminds them that she recommended a specialist that could care for Scarlett; Jim responds that Scarlett has demanded to see Dr. Hart and no other doctor will do – thus proving that keeping Alice’s resurgence under wraps may be more difficult than they had hoped.


George levels with Lavon concerning his upcoming date with Annabeth. At first, Lavon is confused and seems a bit put off at the thought of his ex and his good friend dating. George acknowledges that it’s a bit weird, but reminds Lavon that he and Lemon can now be together. Lavon shares that he is clueless as to where he stands with Lemon, but comes around to the idea of Annabeth and George. It is clear that, although his love life is quite complicated, he takes comfort knowing that two people he cares for deeply may have a shot at happiness together.

Alice pays Lemon a visit in an effort to talk with her estranged daughter. Lemon immediately demands that Alice leave. Alice tries to calm Lemon and asserts that she only wants to talk, but Lemon is not yet ready to let down her wall. Alice obliges Lemon’s orders and, although Lemon is not yet ready to talk with her mother, it is obvious that she harbors some unresolved pain and confusion with regard to being abandoned.


Having been made aware of Wade’s flirtations in lieu of actually paying for baked goods at the Butter Stick, Zoe insists that he purchase a muffin sans coquetry. Wade places his order and urges Maybelline to accept his money, to no avail. He gives this no flirtation thing a concerted effort, but proves that old habits do die hard as he falls back into buttering up the pretty ladies of the Butter Stick.

Brick apologizes for Alice’s unannounced visit with Lemon. He assures her that he will speak with Alice to ensure this does not happen again.

At long last, we see Jaysene and Crickett together, doing some serious hand holding. Applause, applause, applause. Annabeth stops by and Crickett informs Jaysene of her friend’s impending date with George. Jaysene knows George to be a great guy and asks Annabeth how they met, which leads to Crickett updating Jaysene on all the partner switching that has occurred in Bluebell leading up to George and Annabeth’s romance. Jaysene understands the drama of small town dating and shares that she often runs into exes, which does not exactly sit right with Crickett. Jaysene recommends Annabeth and George have their date in a new place in an effort to avoid old memories of past lovers. Her level of familiarity with this is less than satisfactory to Crickett as she asks Jaysene exactly how many women she’s dated. I smell a first fight. Although I am pleased to see Crickett and Jaysene together, I’m disappointed that the long awaited spotlight on their romance has been derailed by Annabeth and George drama.


Wade, having been unsuccessful at quitting flirting cold turkey, requests Lavon’s advice.

George informs Annabeth of his restaurant plans for their first date. Having heeded Jaysene’s advice, Annabeth suggests they choose another place as his first choice was where he and Lemon celebrated their 11th anniversary. George’s second suggestion, however, is no better as it is one that Annabeth and Lavon patronized during their time together. George catches Annabeth’s drift and they agree to brainstorm shiny and new restaurant options – unblemished by the memories of former loves. This should be quite a task.

Lavon babysits Wade in his interactions with the opposite sex and we see firsthand how habitual Wade’s flirting actually is. Is there a 12 step meeting for that?

Scarlett reappears at the clinic with Rose. Apparently, Scarlett has taken a liking to the clinic employees and wants to spend more time with other people who she perceives to be “weird like me.” Zoe attempts to redirect, but Rose and Scarlett insist. In an effort to shoo the young girls away before anyone is the wiser, Zoe suggests Rose take Scarlett out for burgers at the Rammer Jammer. Before the girls have a chance to leave, Brick and Lemon enter. Although this is presumably the first time Lemon has seen Scarlett, she seems to instantly know that this is her younger half sister.


The obnoxiously over the top baby birthday festivities begin and Magnolia takes notice of Lemon’s anxiety ridden behavior. Magnolia voices her confusion to Shelby who attempts to downplay the situation in an effort to keep Alice’s return a secret from Magnolia.

Tom and Crickett meet with George and Annabeth respectively to discuss first date restaurant options. They quickly burn through the list and are left with one remaining choice – a Norwegian place with terrible reviews. Despite the lack of appeal of the venue, George and Annabeth agree to give it a shot.


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