“The 100” recap (2.14): Bodyguard of lies


OK, guys. I know we all want to talk about a certain scene in particular that has many, if not all, of us very excited. But you can’t just skip to dessert. You have to eat your vegetables first in the form of some of these other plot lines (some of which I admit, if I could feed to my dog, I would).

So, let’s get started.

Jaha and his crew are in still in the desert. Still wandering. Still looking miserable. All that stuff. Then we’re taught a very valuable lesson which is—if you make bad jokes, you’re probably going to step on a land mind and explode.

Or at least that’s what I got out of that scene.


In the alliance camp, Clarke is fretting about strategy. Lexa reads her pretty well in this moment and tells her it’s no good to focus on plans that will go to hell five minutes into the battle. Clarke is worried over Bellamy and, again, Lexa is fairly unconcerned, willing to let Bellamy die for the cause. She tells Clarke she has the makings of the kind of leader whose people will die for her, and none of that appeals to Clarke at all.

“You were born for this, Clarke. Same as me.”


Octavia is very warrior chic today with added face paint. She’s figured out that Clarke knew the missile was going to hit Ton-DC. I’m kind of glad the writer’s went with this. Octavia isn’t stupid. It’s asking a lot for her to not put this kind of stuff together. So she has and she’s not happy about it. Clarke tries to tell Octavia that it was all for the greater good, and that includes keeping Bellamy safe. Octavia seems to think Bellamy would have found another way.

And, uh, okay Octavia. I get that he’s your brother and you idolize him, but he was pretty brutal in the first season, remember? I’m just saying. I don’t think he’d have objected to Lexa’s plan with the missile as hard as Octavia thinks he would have.

Lexa sends Octavia off to stand watch and then, because Lexa knows Octavia knows about the missile, Lexa asks her new bodyguard to kill Octavia.

Yeah, this should go over well with Clarke.

In Mount Bloodletting, Bellamy is on the run. The mountain men have FINALLY caught on to his guard schtick and his passkey isn’t working anymore. He narrowly avoids capture and runs into Maya’s dad and the rest of the resistance. They help Bellamy plan a new way to get into the area that holds the acid fog machine.

Back in Camp Jaha, Raven and Kyle are busy coming up with plans to take out the acid fog. Plans that Bellamy will put into motion once, you know, Raven and Kyle actually come up with a plan. Bellamy manages to uses a torch to get his way into the air ducts and then into the acid fog area.


No sweat!

Clarke brings Lexa’s bodyguard back to Lexa at gun point, having stopped him from murdering Octavia. Clarke is pissed. Lexa dismisses her bodyguard after telling him, OK, fine, don’t kill Octavia.

“You can’t kill everyone you don’t trust,” Clarke says to which Lexa basically shrugs.

Clarke finally calls Lexa out on her “I don’t do feelings” bullshit. She backs her up against a table and shouts at her, calls her a liar. Lexa obviously has felt things for people and continues to feel things and is just hiding behind a mask of “nope, not me” to make things easier for herself. Clarke knows Lexa felt something when she let those people burn. Lexa didn’t let Clarke burn, though. And she says as much and Clarke reads this for what it is, an admission of the feelings Lexa had been trying so hard to say she didn’t have. Lexa is definitely battling internally here and Clarke isn’t unsympathetic to that, but also uses it to her advantage. If Lexa cared about her, she’d trust her about Octavia. And if Lexa does hurt Octavia, Clarke says she’ll tell everyone about the missile.


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