Rebecca Mozo on playing the bad ass queer lead of “Kittens in a Cage”


AE: I love you still have your hair curled and show cleavage and essentially look gorgeous despite the fact you’re in prison! Was that campy aspect part of the fun for you, too?

Totally. Yes! Because in real life, I am a ripped jeans and T-shirts and Vans kind of girl. So for some reason, curl the hair and stuff—oh my god, I loved it. It was so much fun to dive into that whole period of the ’50s. That was just the coolest part ever. And I just happened to be blonde at the time.


AE: So you’re not typically blonde?

RM: No, I’m actually brunette but I died my hair blonde for a play  and when I saw Jillian, I said “I’m happy to dye it back brown, whatever you want,” and she said, “No, I like it—keep it!” So I kept it.


AE: There’s inevitably going to be some comparisons to shows like Orange is the New Black just because it’s the whole women in prison thing. Have you watched the show and do you see any similarities?

RM: I have watched the show. I think it’s great. I love the actors on it, and I think there are similarities, but it’s so, to me, so inherently different. I love that you compared it to a little bit of Cry Baby, which I grew up on and was one of my favorite things ever. It has a campier element to it. So I don’t know if this is accurate or Jill will kill me for even saying this, but I feel like if Orange is the New Black is E.R. than we might be Scrubs. It’s similar in theme, but very different in execution and style. So I’m so thankful Orange is the New Black is so popular—it paved a nice way for people to be interested in seeing women in prison, but yeah I think it’s just such a different show. I love it though!


AE: Jillian said she’s already writing the next part, which I guess would be Season 2 if you are calling them seasons. So are you on board to continue with the character?

RM: Oh my god, I would love it. I’d love nothing more! I’d go back to blonde and the whole thing.


AE: I know you were also on Beacon Hill. 

RM: Yes, we did one season and I believe we’re supposed to do more. I know Crystal Chappell had gotten involved in another project so she kind of postponed Season 2 but if Season 2 ever comes up, totally would do it in a heartbeat.

bhillvia Beacon Hill’s website

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