Rebecca Mozo on playing the bad ass queer lead of “Kittens in a Cage”


AE: One thing I love about Kittens in a Cage is that no one feels like they have to explain themselves or their sexuality. Junie comes in and doesn’t have to say “I like girls” or “I don’t like girls,” which is something that happens in a lot of other shows. It’s especially rare for this time period. Can you talk about playing Junie as being so open as a person?

RM: I think it has to do with—I really believe that Junie has a good, open heart. I don’t think she judges anybody. Even in that whole scene with Lauren Weedman, which is hilarious, where she’s popping pills and stuff, a lot of people want to dismiss her as a pill popper but Junie takes the time to treat her like a human being. I think that her coming out and just being like “I have feelings for Vickie,” I think is a part of her innocence. It doesn’t occur to her—she doesn’t have a need to label herself or have a question about it or make an issue out of it.


AE: She even defends Barbara the cannibal, saying she’s a really nice person. She doesn’t even judge a woman who would eat her own finger and some girl scouts.

RM: Exactly. Like I think she really does kind of believe in the good in people, so that’s really one of the things that I love about playing her, is to remove all of that judgement. It’s really refreshing.


AE: I also love your scenes with Rebecca Field, who plays Jeanine. Junie doesn’t seem too put off by her advances, she’s just honest about being in love with Vickie. What is it like to shoot those scenes with Rebecca?

RM: Oh my god, I laughed so hard. We just laughed so hard because she really came at me hard. [laughs] At one point, I think during one take, she even licked my ear. But she’s such an amazing actor and she just gives it her all and it was just so much fun to be on the receiving end of that flirtation. It was difficult to resist, but I had to!


AE: Like she says in the show, she’s got a great face and amazing pair of tits! [laughs] It looked like you had a lot of fun with the musical performances in the show, especially when it turns into an all out rock band situation. So do you have a lot of musical experience and do you really play the ukulele?

RM: No! [laughs] I do play the ukulele now! When Jillian brought it up to me at an impromptu reading at her house, and then we started a Kickstarter and we were off and all that started happening, we had about two months before we were to start shooting so I started picking up the ukulele and Jill and I had ukulele sessions with a friend of ours—Daniel Bess, who plays the gang leader—he is an amazing ukulele player and has been a friend of mine for years so he helped me quite a bit. So yeah, it was a dream come true, because I always wanted to play the ukulele but do you ever say, “OK, now I’m going to play the ukulele?” So it was awesome. And I always loved singing. When I was in high school, I did a lot of musical theater but then kind of just never really pursued that avenue. I kind of got more into Shakespeare and Chekov and all that, so I deviated from my musical theater past. But I love singing so this is such a dream to have it be like “Here you go! Rock out!” It’s like what I used to do as a kid in front of my mirror with a hairbrush, except I get to do it for real.


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