Rebecca Mozo on playing the bad ass queer lead of “Kittens in a Cage”


It’s hard not to fall in love with Junie, the star of the new women in prison web series Kittens in a Cage. She’s wide-eyed, beautiful and kind—and a convicted criminal. Rebecca Mozo plays the bank robbing babe with such a perfect combination of class and sass, it’s just a bonus she ends up in a romantic relationship with cellmate Vickie (played by the equally enigmatic Erin Anderson).

We talked with Rebecca about starring in the super fun show, written and directed by out actress Jillian Armenante, and her feelings on playing a character with such an open heart.

574557_352215711540267_1540588287_n It must be an exciting day now that the series is out and people can watch it.

Rebecca Mozo: Oh my god, yes. I’ve been so excited. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.


AE: Had you seen it before today?

RM: Yes, I was able to. Jillian’s a close friend of mine and so she did have me over and had me kind of involved in watching a lot of the process as it went along, which was really exciting.


AE: I just talked with her and she spoke highly of your being a classically trained actress. Can you tell me how you worked together to write your character, Junie?

RM: Well we met, actually, she was directing a reading I was in and I’ve been a part of the L.A. theater community for some time, and I do a lot of classical theater as well as contemporary theater, every which way, form shape. [laughs] But she met me during that reading and we just kind of really hit it off. I think we work similarly and we’re both from New Jersey so we have a lot to talk about and similar senses of humor. So when this came up and she asked me to come in and read for her, I was just so excited because it was literally as if someone had taken every thing I’d ever fantasized about doing and putting it in my vision.


AE: Yeah, it seems like a super fun part, with the campiness and the accent. Have you done anything like this before?

RM: Yeah, no, this is first time I’ve ever done anything like this so it was just one of those things where you kind of jumped: OK we’re going with this and we created Junie to be in that kind of world where she’s—she’s so sincere, which is what I think the key to her is. Like I never wanted to play her snarky or anything, I think that she is kind of a lovable person that gets herself into situations but, deep down, is definitely a bad ass, when push comes to shove. It was kind of fun to play with that, to play with the bad girl and the sweet girl, kind of, in one person.


AE: It almost feels mean to call her naive, but do you think she is really as clueless as she sometimes comes off?

RM: Yeah, I think sometimes she is, but I also think she is very smart and calculated on when to appear that way—when it can work in her favor.


AE: Let’s talk about the Junie and Vikie relationship. I know that Erin came on kind of last minute so how did you establish a rapport with her when you had limited preparation time?

RM: With Erin, it was kind of a great situation because when Jillian asked me and was auditioning people for the role, I suggested Erin to come into read because I think she has this amazing—I just love her choices. And she’s really fun to be around. So it just worked out! She came in she was awesome so she got the part and we started playing. And every day we went to shoot and it was full, brave choices and we had a lot of fun.


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