“Arrow” recap (3.15): On Love and Murder


Previously on Arrow, Thea found out she killed Sara by way of Malcolm Merlyn and vowed that she will never again consider herself his daughter.

We begin with Nyssa interrupting her dad’s bathtime to tell him that Oliver is still alive and that she’s PISSED that the man who claimed to have murdered her girlfriend still walks free.


Ra’s says he knows, but he’s okay with it because Oliver didn’t kill Sara anyway. Nyssa asks him if he truly doesn’t believe Oliver’s confession or if he just doesn’t approve of Nyssa’s grief. Ra’s says he knows Sara was—is her beloved, but Nyssa accuses him of never having supported that love. He tells Nyssa that he knew Sara’s whole self didn’t belong to the League, that someday she would leave, and that any disapproval she sensed from him regarding Sara stemmed only from not wanting to see his daughter have her heart broken. But Nyssa doesn’t care about who really killed Sara; she has anger and she needs a direction to send it, and Oliver challenging her father is good enough reason to kill him in her book. To kill the man who had a part of Sara’s heart, preventing it from being fully Nyssa’s.

In the Arrow Cave, Merlyn is training Thea and Oliver, trying to get them to be in sync, to work in tandem, while also teasing Oliver about his weapon of choice.

After the session, Laurel compliments Thea’s skills, saying her style reminds her of Sara. Thea mutters something about being trained by the same League at the source and having to go shower, but can’t bring herself to look directly at Laurel, not now that she knows she’s the reason Laurel is an only child.


Upstairs, Roy tries to joke around with Thea but her secret is filling her up and she can’t contain it anymore. But Roy already knows, and also knows a little something about murdering someone without realizing what you were doing. He tells her she’ll get used to the guilt of blackout murder but she says that at least he doesn’t have to see the person he killed’s family every day, to see the pain they feel in their absence, to feel it himself. Thea says it likely won’t get easier and maybe she doesn’t deserve it to anyway.

Felicity, feeling a little outshined by all the other female bad assery going on in this episode, sets out to find her own storyline. She finds Ray Palmer in a half-zombie state, nearly blowing up Starling City in his quest to make his magic suit work. Felicity tries to get him to go to sleep but he says there ain’t no rest for the future vigilantes.


Laurel calls her dad to try to get him to talk to her, but he doesn’t answer. When she hangs up, she is surprised to see Thea has come to see her. Thea confesses to Laurel that Merlyn drugged her and had her kill Sara, and Laurel, surprisingly enough, takes it in stride. She understands that it wasn’t Thea’s fault, but what she’s having a hard time wrapping her head around is why Thea is still working with Merlyn if this is, in fact, the truth. Thea says they have to work with Merlyn, they don’t have a choice, but Laurel corrects her; she had no choice but to kill Sara under the influence of the drug. Her life is her own now, and so are her choices.

Laurel takes this information straight to Oliver, but before confronting him about it, she tells him that she can’t remember Sara’s smile, no matter how hard she tries. Every time she closes her eyes to conjure the image, all she can see is her baby sister’s dead body in her arms. Laurel says she wants to find who did this to Sara and Oliver says they will. Laurel calls him on his easy lies, and asks why she had to hear this news from Thea. Oliver didn’t think she’d take it so well and she’s like, “I’m grieving, I’m not irrational. Except that one time I hallucinated Sara, but whatever.” Oliver tells her what Thea had, that they need Laurel, and Laurel finds it suspicious that Merlyn always ends up finding a way to be under Oliver’s protection. She looks Oliver up and down and says she can’t believe she ever loved him.

Oliver goes to Thea to scold her for telling everyone but it was Thea’s secret to share, not his to keep, so she’s sorry not sorry. Besides, Thea says, they’re not in danger anymore. This is the least assuring thing Oliver has heard all day.

Across town, Laurel dressed as the Black Canary finds Merlyn and tries to fight him, but it’s a bit like an actual canary fighting a grown man and he just swats her away. But she wasn’t so foolish as to think she could beat him in hand to hand combat…she came prepared.

INSERT ARROW 315-4 “Laurel’s got a gun, her whole world’s come undone.”

Before she can decide if she’s a murderer or not, the League descends and Nyssa takes Merlyn down. While her henchmen are taking him away, she tells Laurel that she admires her for fighting for Sara, but that she can rest now. Justice is served.

INSERT ARROW 315-5 “Sleep well, would-be sister-in-law.”

Oliver finds Laurel and scolds her for going after Merlyn alone but she gives absolutely zero fucks about what he thinks anymore. Besides, the League has Merlyn now. Oliver knows, because it was Thea that tipped them off. Oliver starts suiting up to go fetch him and his team is like, “Wait, what?”

But when Oliver says it’s for Thea, to save her from the guilt of having sentenced her biological father to death, Felicity gets it, and agrees to help.

INSERT ARROW 315-6 “For Thea. And because you literally can’t do it without me.”

Laurel is less understanding.

On the way to the helicopter that will take him to certain death, Nyssa taunts Merlyn and Merlyn taunts her right back. He tells her that her relationship with Sara cost her any chance of taking her father’s place as the Demon’s Head, and I’m not sure if he meant lesbians aren’t allowed to lead the League of Assassins, or if he meant that people with feelings aren’t.

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