“Gotham” recap (1.17): Red Hood


Guys, I know we have only a handful of Gotham episodes until the season finale, but I think this show might ACTUALLY be bringing it! I mean, Renee Montoya obviously fell down a well and someone should get on that ASAP, but this show is picking the fuck up and getting interesting!

gotham1What? I got this at American Apparel

We open with a crew of criminals getting ready to rob the Gotham bank, when one of the robbers pulls out a red ski mask. The other guys are confused because they thought the dress code was bandanas and black, but this guy, Floyd, tells them it’s gonna spice things up. They rob the bank, and Floyd turns untouchable: he’s witty, he dodges bullets, and he tosses the cash to Gotham citizens to create enough of a diversion for him and his men to escape.

gotham2make it rain make it rain!

Gordon and Bullock watch the surveillance footage and meet an adorkable bank teller who was charmed by the red hood’s antics. She liked that the gang only stole the bank’s money (not the people’s) and that they tossed the cash to the people a la Robin Hood. Bullock calls her a communist, which is hilarious. They find out that someone set off a smoke bomb last week and watch the footage to see if it was the same crew.

gotham3 Like all women on “Gotham,” I’m forced to dress like a reject from “Mad Men”

Over at Wayne Manor, Alfred answers the door with a gun because after that ninja sitch he is NOT fucking around. Instead of ninjas, he finds Reggie Payne, an old war buddy who has fallen on hard times. Bruce invites him to stay because he is the most polite child ever in the history of the world.

gotham4We have plenty of room for surly streetfolk at Wayne Manor!

Meanwhile, Fish Mooney is taken down a hallway where she sees various prisoners missing limbs/faces/organs. She is brought into a room and asked to sit. I am legit scared for her at this point, because Fish is one of the only characters on Gotham that could get killed; everyone else survives to work with/fight Batman so they are naturally safe, but Fish is a character invented for the show, so she could check out anytime. And then who would wear all the feather accessories?! Who!?

gotham5Welcome to the dollhouse

Gordon watches the surveillance video and sees Floyd lighting the firecracker. On closer examination, he’s wearing his work uniform, so the cops head to Kleg’s Auto to bust them.

The gang is chilling at the auto shop and making fun of Floyd for his money throwing/theatricality at the bank heist. Floyd however, is riding the red hood high and feeling invincible. That is, until one of the goons shoots him dead and takes the hood for himself.

gotham6Who put this in with the whites?! Now all my underwear is pink!

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