“Chasing Life” recap (1.17): Friends without benefits


During fashion show prep, Beth stifles a laugh attack when she sees Brenna and Greer in floral getups proper enough for the Amish. Though, Brenna admits that Greer could pull of literally anything, and she’s not wrong.

Chasing Life 117-5 She almost makes it look normal.

The designer tries not to trip on all the names she’s dropping as she tells Brenna and Greer that she’s thrilled that her line looks so good on them. She tells them it represents the innocence of teens, and they exchange a look as they surely remember all the not-so-innocent things they’ve done together.

Chasing Life 117-6 Wanky.

The designer loves Greer’s whole aesthetic and asks Greer to be her centerpiece, her grand finale, and Greer agrees.

That night, April tries to watch trashy TV with her mom but Sara keeps asking her real questions about work and Leo and everything. April decides to go to bed instead, which makes Sara realize that it’s awful late for Emma not to be home yet. Sara asks if April has noticed anything off about her grandma’s memory lately, but April reminds her about how Emma schooled them all in Jeopardy recently and goes to bed without a second thought.

Sara’s mind is still wandering though when she runs into Emma slinking around in the dark of the kitchen like a teenager after curfew. Emma swears she was at book club, but Sara thinks her outfit says otherwise.

Chasing Life 117-7What? This look is really popular with the early bird special crowd.

Sara begs her mother to tell her if she’s not feeling like herself, and Emma, realizing her daughter thinks she’s starting to lose her faculties, admits that she’s been dating someone. But that’s all she has to say on the matter, thank you and goodnight.

April’s interview training session begins bright and early the next morning. Raquel’s take-no-prisoners attitude is exactly what April needs to toughen her up for the job. Do nots include: hesitating, having that look on her face, taking breaks, having an attitude, being naive. Dos include: Nailing the interview. End of list.

Meanwhile, Sara’s office neighbor comes by under the guise of giving her updates about Dede, the woman she helped, but really to ask her on a date. She gets all flustered and starts rambling about how she just got out of a relationship kind of with her dead husband’s brother who moved across the country and also isn’t he a little young—he saves her from herself and says they can just go as friends if it will keep her from having a full-blown panic attack.

When she gets home from work, Sara finds a strange man in her house. She’s a little alarmed, but before she can call 911, Emma appears, introducing the man as Sam, her new boyfriend. Grandma’s got game!

April goes to the fashion show to help Beth, who just needs her to check on Brenna and Greer. April goes looking for her sister and is about to ask the girl in the Von Trapp curtain dress when she realizes, to her delight, that girl is her sister.

Brenna asks about the interview prep and April is pretty convinced she’s going to bomb it. Brenna is confused by April’s sudden pessimism but before they can get too into it, Greer comes over with Brenna’s purse asking where her lipgloss is. The designer walks by just then and compliments the purse, which Greer says she got out of the window at Saks, causing April’s eyebrow to shoot up at Brenna’s lie. Brenna shuffles them off to the catwalk and Greer reaches out to touch Brenna’s arm, telling her she looks great despite the fact that she’s wearing a muumuu.

Chasing Life 117-8 April, your judgy is showing.

But Brenna can feel her sister’s judgy eyes boring a hole in her back so she pulls away from Greer. Greer, being in a sensitive state right now, lashes out and spits out an apology, saying she’ll leave Brenna alone if she find her touch so offensive. Brenna tries to explain, but Greer storms off before she can mutter some kind of code about her hawk-eyed sister.

April asks Brenna why she lied about the purse and Brenna says she just didn’t want to make it a big deal, because her and Greer are still just friends, she promises. April asks why Greer was “all over” Brenna, which feels like a gross exaggeration (it’s not like Grenna came at Brenna tongue first) and demands the truth from Brenna. Beth interrupts and says she can’t find Greer, the designers #1 girl, which is a huge problem.

Brenna finds Greer freaking out and tugging at her neckline (real talk: high necklines are stressful) and despite Brenna’s best efforts to calm her down, Greer ends up ripping the collar.

Chasing Life 117-9 “Not exactly how I imagined my next dress-ripping-off scenario…”

The designer starts to have a meltdown but Beth promises her that everything will be alright.

At la Casa de Carver, Sara asks Emma why she lied about Sam, and Emma admits it’s because she didn’t want to rub her new relationship in her daughter’s face so soon after a tough breakup. But while they’re laying down truths, Emma would like it to be known that she’s highly insulted that Sara jumped to Alzheimers before sexytimes, even though neither are things a daughter particularly wants to think about her mother having. Grandma Emma says her high school reunion gave her perspective; a lot of her old friends are dead, but she sure isn’t.

So she has decided to live life to the fullest why she still can. In fact, she’s starting to wonder why she didn’t start acting on her impulses a long time ago.

April finds Brenna moping at the fashion show and asks what’s going on. Brenna says that Greer is fine, she’s just going through some things and trying to figure out life without her prescription mood pills. Which, okay, I get that April is her sister, but A) she hasn’t been particularly supportive of anything Greer-related today and B) even though Brenna didn’t specifically say “depression” or “anxiety,” “mood stuff” isn’t exactly an unbreakable code, and Greer told Brenna that stuff in confidence. April puts on her adult hat and asks about Greer’s doctors and parents and says that Brenna is just a kid (every 16-year-old’s favorite thing to hear) and that she shouldn’t be shouldering this burden on her own (which OK, FINE is kind of a good point) but Brenna says she’s not going to give up on someone just because they’re proving to be a little difficult, which shuts April right up.

Beth fixes the dress Greer ripped and April is pretty impressed with her handiwork. Beth’s boss is too (and also hates interviewing people), so Beth is promoted to first assistant and given two blackberries and a slew of kind of confusing orders.

After the show, Brenna finds Greer sitting on a staircase and joins her.

Chasing Life 117-10Hey girl.

Greer says Brenna is probably regretting getting her this gig, but Brenna says mostly all she is is worried about Greer. Greer admits she’s confused. She was tired of her parents having so much power and control over her life, and thought stopping the medication would change that, but instead she feels more out of control than ever. It’s not unlike developing an eating disorder; you start to have control over your own body and your own choices and then one day you realize even that is out of your control and you couldn’t go back to eating normally even if you wanted to. Not on your own. Greer also admits that being around Brenna isn’t exactly helping. It’s hard to be around Brenna and not be WITH her.


Greer sees the hesitancy on Brenna’s face and knows she lost her grip on one more thing in her life; Brenna doesn’t want to get back together. Brenna assures her that it’s not exactly that she doesn’t WANT to be with Greer, it’s just that she thinks Greer could use a friend more than a girlfriend right now. Which is really annoying only in that I can’t even be mad at her because she’s right. It’s like a few weeks ago on Gotham when Montoya was all, “We can’t do this, Barbara, we’re toxic together” and it’s frustrating because you want to be happy for them, being all mature and making good choices, but at the same time you just want them to be together forever. But as the ever-wise band The Fray once said, “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

Later, Brenna tells April about her plan to be there for Greer as the best friend she can be, no lady kisses included, and April understands. April admits that Leo is depressed too, and Brenna jokes that they both fell for headcases, which is really funny considering it’s not like you’d find the two of them in the textbook under “well-adjusted.” April makes another comment about being able to ponder this coincidence when she’s unemployed and Brenna tells her to snap out of it. What’s the worst that can happen if she bombs the interview? She gets fired? Maybe some temporary local embarrassment? Having to go into the Witness Protection Program just to get a cup of coffee in New England? Seems like an awful lot of misappropriated stress for someone who survived something with the worst case scenario of death.

Chasing Life 117-12 Droppin’ perspective bombs.

Sara, inspired by her mother’s speech, takes one more look at her new office mate and decides to skip the fumbling speech and go right for the kiss. Despite the Zach Galifianakis beard. *shudder* To each her own, I guess. And he sure doesn’t seem to mind.

Thanks to Raquel’s prep work and Brenna’s prep talk, April nails the interview, positioning herself as the concerned citizen, saying that Ricky Miranda is sick, and it was her duty to reach out and get him help, very publicly, and that she knows what it’s like to be sick.

Raquel is proud, Callahan is impressed, and April is pretty darn pleased with herself. Until she goes into the bathroom and her nose begins to bleed. Now, I’m really hoping this is just a stress nosebleed. They happen. But April fears the worst and goes out to tell the first person she sees about her concerns. This person happens to be Dom, which is ironic since he was the last to find out the first time, and probably bad news for Team Leo.

What did you think of “Model Behavior”? Do you think the “Grenna” friendship will last? Do you think it will become something more, or do you think it will break down?

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