“Chasing Life” recap (1.17): Friends without benefits


Previously on Chasing Life, Greer had a bit of a mental breakdown because she literally went off her meds and confided in Brenna about it, April caught baseball star Ricky Miranda doing drugs and wrote a piece about it for the Post, and April and Leo fought about maybe having nothing in common but being sick.

We open with April getting harassed by the guy who runs the coffee cart because her article threatened to take down a Red Sox star. I saw a lot of people on Twitter being a little incredulous about his refusal to serve her, but as someone who was raised in Boston, I can tell you that this is 100% believable. My dad was more upset the day I bought a Yankees hat than the day I came out as a lesbian. By like a billion. (It was a phase, I’m over it. Being a Yankee fan, that is. Still a lesbian. Obviously.)

Anyway, when April tries to complain about this to Dom, he’s just impressed she got recognized by name as a journalist. He asks if she’s second-guessing her choice to write the article, but she knows she reported the truth, so she has no regrets.

Brenna and Greer are having coffee and Greer’s hair is back to blonde. Brenna says Greer looked like a My Little Pony with the purple hair (LIKE IT’S A BAD THING) and asks Greer how she’s feeling. Greer says she feels better; she’s still off her meds but she doesn’t feel as out of control as she did last week. Brenna asks if Greer’s parents will notice but they learned how to parent in Rosewood and are always either Out of Town or oblivious. Greer changes the subject and gives Brenna a present she brought, looking more excited than a puppy playing fetch.

Chasing Life 117-1“Do you like it? Do ya? DO YA?”

The present is a purse Brenna has been eyeing since their trip to Florida; a purse that costs $300. Brenna looks worried about this purchase—I imagine for a myriad of reasons ranging from the impulsivity to the romanticality of the gift—but is very grateful.

Across town, Beth tells April that her job as second assistant to a fashion guru is kind of boring. The first assistant gets to do all kinds of fun stuff for the preview show tonight, and all Beth is in charge of is the food, which doesn’t exactly show off her skill set. Somehow the conversation ends up back on April, as it always does, and she admits she hasn’t talked to Leo and is kind of okay with it; she thinks they’ve both changed too much for things to work out between them.

At dinner that night, Emma has returned to the Carver fold, and is also mad at April about bringing down a Red Sox player, but is much more good-natured about it. Sara asks her mother about her high school reunion, but Emma dodges the questions until Brenna comes home, providing a happy distraction. Sara asks why Brenna was late and Brenna lies and says she picked up an extra shift at the tattoo parlor. Emma whisks Brenna away asking about privacy settings on Facebook, probably sensing that they both have secrets they’d rather keep to themselves.

Chasing Life 117-2 So glad grandma is back!

The next day at work, April hears on the news that Ricky Miranda is claiming to be clean and is willing to prove it, which could prove an issue for April. She goes to talk to Bossman but he is nowhere to be found. She asks Danny for advice and all he can suggest is finding someone to corroborate his story; and April knows this means she might have to talk to Leo again after all.

April tries to ask Beth for advice, but Beth has a bigger fish to fry. The first assistant quit, so if she can prove herself at tonight’s preview event, she could be up for a promotion. All she has to do is find real teenagers to be models for the line. April suggests just going to the high school to recruit people, but Beth saw Fame (and Criminal Minds) and doesn’t want to have to register as a sex offender. April then remembers that, despite being wise beyond her years, her little sister is an actual teenager.

Brenna, however, does not love the idea of being a fashion model.

Chasing Life 117-3“Or how about I do literally anything else?”

But after some begging (who can resist the Australian accent?), Brenna relents, and offers up Greer as another model. April notices the expensive-looking purse and Brenna’s quickness to suggest the girl she was supposed to be banned from seeing and starts pelting Brenna with pointy judgement. Brenna says to get off her jock because the purse is from Good Will and her and Greer are just friends and can she not tell mom because one time she kept her CANCER SECRET and it’s not like Greer is a bad influence on her. Quite the opposite, in fact. So April agrees, and everyone’s happy. For now.

At work, April gets called into the Big Boss’s office and Danny is jealous but April is as nervous as a kid who got called into the principal’s office.

Ms. Callahan tells April that Bossman got fired and April just might be next because Ricky Miranda passed his drug test and is threatening to sue the Post. Callahan tells April to fix it, because if they have to print a retraction, April is so very fired. April’s idea to fix it is to go on national television and give an interview in which she pinky swears that she is telling the truth. Callahan allows it, but says that if she messes this up, April is a goner.

April goes back to her desk in full panic-mode, not sure why she suggested an interview because she’s 24 years old what does she know about giving national interviews? Danny suggests getting a political coach, and when April says she can’t afford one, Danny suggests getting some in-house help.

April reluctantly slinks to Raquel’s office, tail between her legs, and asks for help, buttering Raquel up like a breakfast biscuit.

Chasing Life 117-4“People groveling to me is my lifeblood. I’m actually 200 years old.”

Raquel tells her that Rule #1 of interviews is not being fake, so April takes the Raquel Approach to Getting People To Do Something For You and passive aggressively threatens to tell Callahan if Raquel doesn’t help her. Raquel is impressed by her cutthroatiness and agrees.

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