“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.6): Alabama Boys


It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had the pleasure of visiting Bluebell, Alabama. As old conflicts are finding resolutions, new ones are forming. Wade and Zoe are becoming more and more stable as time passes and they prepare for parenthood. Lavon and George have renewed their friendship as George has moved on from his past with Lemon. Although we have yet to see for ourselves, we do know that Jaysene has made plans with Crickett to finally spend some time together. Unfortunately, Annabeth and Lemon have found themselves at odds, which has put a great deal of distance between the two of them. Annabeth and Lemon are in love with the same man–Lavon. But, Lavon is in love with Lemon. In an effort to take matters into her own hands, Lemon has encouraged a love connection between George and Annabeth, but her scheme was discovered to Annabeth’s great displeasure and disappointment. Although Annabeth believes selfishness lies at the heart of Lemon’s best laid plans, it does seem a spark may be forming between her and George.

Episode 6 opens with Zoe hijacking her sonogram. Apparently, she doesn’t play patient too well. However, the sex of their unborn child is revealed to Wade and Zoe–it’s a boy!


Annabeth and George share an awkward exchange of compliments and conversation as they run into one another in town. George reveals his music management career has extended beyond the Truitt Brothers and he is now working with Meatball as well. Annabeth is taking nursing classes and loving every minute. Their conversation is interrupted when Lavon needs to pass through for his morning coffee.

The Bluebell Small Business Owners Council meets at the Rammer Jammer under the leadership of Dash. He shares disappointing news: Bluebell’s bid to host the state football championship has been denied. There is one caveat–should Bluebell agree to co-host with Fillmore, their bid may still be in contention. Lemon, George, Brick, and the other local business owners are none too pleased at this suggestion, but Dash insists they keep an open mind. The possibility for a great financial reward does the trick. Although the small business community is now on board, there is one important person left to convince: Lavon. Knowing the difficult nature of this task, Brick and Co. nominate Lemon to take on the responsibility of swaying the football hero/mayor of Bluebell. Lemon is less than enthused, but seems to have no say in the matter. We know Lemon has been chastised more than once for her schemes and may have lost her closest friend due to the most recent of these. In addition, Lemon presumably still harbors feelings for Lavon which, at this point, cannot be requited if she ever wants a shot at forgiveness from Annabeth.

Lavon assists Wade in prepping the nursery and they bond over bringing a boy into the house. They have a small mangasm as they discuss all the manly stuff they’ll be able to do such as throwing spiral footballs, fishing, V8 engines, taming alligators, and killing possums. Gag me with a spoon. Zoe enters to articulate my sentiment. Wade insists his plans are not sexist as he would do the same if they were having a girl. As much as I love the diversity of the HOD cast, it is clear that latent misogyny still rears its ugly little head.

Crickett and Annabeth meet for a sweet at the Butter Stick. Crickett dangles the donut in front of the diabetic’s face in telling of her romantic date with Jaysene (donut: HOD lesbian action, diabetic: lesbian viewers). Crickett, we’re way happy for ya, but next time, take us with you for pete’s sake! Annabeth gets bullied into attending a party at the home of Fillmore’s mayor the following evening, but throws a pity party of her own at the prospect of not having a date. Crickett convinces Annabeth to take Jaysene’s cousin and fellow firefighter. After all, who wouldn’t want to date a firefighter? Although Annabeth doesn’t share this with Crickett, it does seem that she may still have George on the brain.


George monitors a Truitt Brothers rehearsal and Tansy stops by with her beau, Scooter. She gushes about her man friend and suspects he may be popping the question soon; George rolls his eyes and questions Tansy’s affection for Scooter. Tansy maintains her affection for him and encourages George to get back in the dating game. George confesses to harboring a crush, but is not yet sure he should act on it. Tansy encourages him to do that very thing. From the look on George’s face, it appears Tansy’s persuasiveness may be fruitful.

Per the instructions of the small business council, Lemon pays Lavon a visit in an effort to convince him to work alongside Fillmore. When learning that he must co-host with Fillmore, Lavon immediately disapproves, but when Lemon shows him the numbers and what a difference this could make for Bluebell business, Lavon relents. Mission accomplished. A brief moment between the two is shared and Lemon quickly attempts to leave. Lavon stops her and communicates that he cannot wait around forever. If Lemon is not interested, he will find someone who is. Lemon agrees that Lavon should do just that. Although it is clear Lemon still has love for Lavon, her resolve to do better in the name of friendship wins out.

George waits for Annabeth in her front yard. When Annabeth arrives, he musters up the courage to ask her on a date. Although, her initial reaction seems to be flattery and excitement, Annabeth turns down his request and is as shocked as the rest of us at her behavior.

Zoe chooses to give up the fight against sexism and requests the help of her very own “Alabama boys,” Tom and the Truitt brothers. To her own disdain, Zoe feels that she is ill equipped to mother a boy in Alabama due to her lack of knowledge on Alabama boy stuff. Per her request (and promise to pay them for their time in beer), the Alabama boys walk her through manly tasks such as baiting a hook, clipping a goat’s toenails, and accepting the southern reality of taxidermy. Zoe, I love ya, but you gave up way too easily. I’m a southern girlborn and raised–and there are many things I love about the south. Outdated gender expectations are not among them and I fight this battle every day of my life; sure wish you would join me.

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