“Black Sails” recap (2.5): Confessions


Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor’s father crawled out of the hole he’d been hiding in to help his daughter, Abigail Ashe had been Ned Low’s prisoner but now belongs to Vane, Max found Jack a new crew to captain, Silver found out Billy Bones was alive but decided to keep him a secret, and Flint decided to attack Vane’s fort even though pretty much everyone told him not to.

What better way to begin an episode than with a little lady lovin’?

Black Sails 205-1 (I fixed it.)

Jack is there too, and Max reaches over Anne and touches Jack, completing their circle of sex, which horrifies Anne a bit. This was supposed to be a Jack loving on Anne who’s loving on Max thing, not a full-blown threesome. But, the more limbs and hearts you involve in a relationship, the messier it gets. Before it can turn into a full-on naked brawl, though, they are interrupted by the sound of cannons.

Black Sails 205-2 “You go check that out, we’ll just, uh, finish up here.”

Jack runs out, naked as the day he is born, to see what’s happening, and realizes it’s Flint shooting the Fort.

Mrs. Barlow also knows what’s happening, so she sets off after him. She believes she’s the only one who can stop him, because she’s the only one who truly knows why he’s doing this.

Flashback Miranda Hamilton is feeling a tad dramatic.

Black Sails 205-3“I sit and watch the rain, and see my tears run down the windowpane…”

Her husband is still fighting to pardon the pirates, but Miranda has more important things to discuss. She’s leaving. When he asks her why, she says it’s because Flint is coming back, and when Flint is back, the rumors about her and him start to flutter. And even though she gives exactly zero fucks about what people think about her, she’s worried that if those rumors turn into prodding, they’ll find more secrets than that, and it would be in everyone’s best interest if those particular secrets stayed secret. Her husband looks concerned but doesn’t argue the point.

In present-day Nassau, Silver is filling Billy in on everything he missed, including about how Flint killed Gates, but felt super bad about it after. Billy is surprised to hear Flint is still captain, and Silver explains that technically it’s captain again, and that it’s because he’s the only way they’re sure to get the Urca gold. Billy is ready to go see his brothers like the prodigal son returned but when he goes to stand up he finds he’s been chained down. Silver explains that he can’t just have Billy going in and stirring the pot, so it’s best if he just stay put for now.

Flashback Thomas Hamilton finds out from Flint that there is no governor in Nassau, that the pirates run it now, and that it’s a lawless land. Pirates have taken the Fort, for what would be the first but not the last time. Flint’s idea is to try to get the Navy on their side.

Miranda asks for a moment alone with the lieutenant, and tells him that if he continues on, he will lead them to ruin, so he should probably find a new road and STAT.

Present-day, everyone gathers in the Inn, worried about all the cannons showering down and making the dust fall from the rafters. Jack is nonplussed; he’s critiquing banner ideas from a prostitute named Charlotte.

Black Sails 205-4When a prostitute gets named, you know she’ll be important.

He needs it to be perfect, he needs this venture to go well. He wants to be the first boat back in the water after this Flint/Vane pissing match dies down, and he needs everything to go smoothly. Featherstone says that actually, about that, there are a few articles he needs to discuss with Jack before the crew will officially agree to take him on as captain. Jack’s ready to talk, but when Anne appears, Featherstone decides the conversation can wait.

Anne and Jack wonder if Vane is still in the Fort, but Jack actually doesn’t care at all. He’s done with his old captain, he’s going to have his own crew now. Anne changes the subject and is about to bring up what happened between Jack and Max this morning in bed, but thinks better of it. Mentioning it at all probably got her point across.

Black Sails 205-5 “Don’t screw me over or I’ll gut you, k?”

Flashback Miranda is telling Flint that she loves both her husband and Flint, but that she’s afraid that there is too much danger in them all staying together. She’s afraid they’re risking more than scandal; between the political stands they’re trying to make and these secrets, her favorite men could be in mortal danger. They could be hanged, even. Flint says that Nassau has promise, that they can’t give up on their dreams, but that they have to go there and fix it from the inside out. Miranda doesn’t exactly jump up and down at the thought of it.

Black Sails 205-6“Let’s not and said we did.”

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