“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.12): Dirty Girl


Rise and shine, Seattle docs. It’s time to grab a cup of coffee, take a shower, see your roommate’s boobs. Well, at least that is Arizona’s morning. Jo calls dibs on the working shower and drops trou right in front of her.

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That morning, Meredith swoops into the hospital, dragging her suitcase behind her. She runs into Maggie who tells her the kids are fine, and eyes her suspiciously. She asks Mer how her weekend was, knowing full well that something is up. Meredith keeps mum about it, even when Callie joins in. Callie, who is completely obsessed with other people having sex.

Once again, Callie can’t seem to stop fixating on one night stands. As Owen tells her how Dr. Herman took over the OR board with fetal surgeries, Callie laments how she used to be great at hooking up, but now, not so much. She’s tired of sitting around in her pajamas, and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, so she asks his advice as to how to impress the ladies and gents. He tells her to be honest, that’s impressive enough. They also notice that the lounge sofa is missing.

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Arizona is late for Dr. Herman’s latest CAT scan, and she rushes in all disheveled-like. She tells Amelia about Jo commandeering the bathroom, and Dr. Herman hears through the mic. She gives Arizona some hell about living with a resident while she should be uber focused. Then she softens and gets a giggle out of teasing a very embarrassed Arizona about the silliness of the situation.

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Catherine Avery and Richard Webber appear to be back on, as evidenced by the smooching and spending of the weekend together. She tells Richard how wonderful it might be if she stuck around and assisted on some surgeries with him that day. Some couples play tennis. Some couples share surgeries. Catherine mentions Jackson, and Richard reminds her that her son has asked for space.

In the nearby woods, Ben and his brother Curt, say goodbye to their recently passed father by spreading his ashes. Bailey acts as look out since it’s technically illegal. They reminisce about their father, who was a stern dude by all accounts. Something Ben says strikes a nerve in Curt and he suggests they get going. After racing Ben to the top of the hill, Curt gets dizzy and passes out, tumbling all the way to the bottom.

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They rush him into the emergency room. Meredith examines Curt, who shows some sensitivity in his abdomen and is rather evasive about Meredith and Ben’s medical questioning. He orders his brother out, and Bailey is surprised at his anger since Curt is usually so kind. Meredith tells her that she’s got everything handled.

Next in the ER is a young woman named Hillary, who fell down a flight of concrete stairs after her boyfriend proposed to her. Her boyfriend goes on to tell Callie and Jo about the proposal, and how poetic and romantic it was. Hillary starts to wake up, but when the boyfriend promises in tender whispers, never to leave her side, she faints again.

Owen confronts Dr. Herman about taking over the OR board but she’s not looking for a fight. In fact, she’s lounging. On the missing Attending Room couch. She goes on to explain how terrific the couch is. It’s so comfy, and roomy, and would he like to…test it out? Owen is utterly confused and makes that face, you know where he looks like a Golden Retriever who just heard a loud noise but can’t tell where it came from. This amuses Dr. Herman to no end.

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