“The 100” recap (2.13): The Resurrection


We pick up right where we left off—amidst the rubble of Ton-DC. Clarke is watching, numb, as a white horse on fire runs past her and a Grounder holding their own severed arm falls down in front of her.


Lexa snaps Clarke out of her daze and reminds her, “Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.” All well and good, but Clarke is out for immediate revenge and sets her sights on the Mountain Man spotter-turned-sniper who is taking out survivors in Ton-DC. Clarke’s become quite the bloodthirsty creature, hasn’t she?

In Ton-DC everyone is hiding from the sniper. Indra is hit and when Lincoln reaches out to help her, she hisses and calls him a reaper. Nice. Octavia wants to reach her mentor, but is pinned down with some of Indra’s other Seconds behind some rubble. One of them tells Octavia that her people are “the bringers of death.” Well. That’s not wrong.


Octavia and the Medicine Man are able to get over to Indra. She tells Octavia that as Second, it’s now up to her to lead the people in Ton-DC. Octavia isn’t optimistic anyone will listen to her, but she’ll have to try anyway since Indra passes out from her bullet wound and is down for the count. I really love the relationship growing between Indra and Octavia. Octavia needed a mentor beyond Lincoln and her brother, and Indra isn’t always the kindest of people, but she’ll help Octavia become the warrior she wants to be.

Abby is crawling through rubble. Of course she is. She follows the sound of someone banging on metal and finds Kane. His leg is pinned under a huge rock, because that’s what the TV Tropes website demands happen any time there’s a building collapse. Abby promises Kane she’ll get him out, but I don’t know, that seems like an awful lot to promise.


In Mount Bloodletting, the soldiers are attacking the 47. They’ve created a barricade out of chairs—take this moment to get that Les Mis song out of your system—and grabbed makeshift weapons. Jasper has an axe. Which didn’t strike me as a great idea.

But then this happened:


Never mind. Jasper can keep the axe.

The 47 manage to kill most of the guards and chase the rest away, but the guards still grab one of them, a girl, and drag her off to their bone marrow basement, or whatever we’re calling that place.

Bellamy, still in uniform, rescues her and brings her to Maya who leads them both back to her house. Maya’s dad isn’t thrilled Maya brought these people to his house but Maya puts her foot down. Finally—FINALLY—we get some great backstory on Maya. We find out her mother was part of an underground resistance in the mountain that was against the grounder blood treatments. Maya’s mom was ill and refused the treatments that would save her and she died. Maya’s driven by political purpose inherited from her mother and, suddenly, I like Maya. I kind of wish this moment had come earlier because I’d been pretty dismissive of her previously, but we probably had to wait until this point in the story to get that information. So. I can’t be that mad.


Maya and Bellamy make a plan to get some weapons to the 47, but along the way guards grab Maya. She reappears some time later in the radiation-contaminated hallway to the 47’s bunk. She’s wearing a hazmat suit, but there’s a limited amount of oxygen in there for her and Smarmy Son radios the 47 to tell them that if they surrender, he’ll save Maya. Jasper tells Maya he won’t let her die. Maya tells Jasper she won’t let him surrender. This might be a problem.

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