“Marry Me” recap (1.14): “Dead Me”


Jake is asleep sitting up in a chair when Annie comes rushing in at 4am. She apologizes for being late for date night for the third week in a row but her boss, Janet L’amour of Janel L’amour, has been really demanding lately. Jake tries to convince her that work should be something that she doesn’t care about so she can leave as early as possible so she can get on with the rest of her life. 

But Annie disagrees. She doesn’t want to just work to live. She has goals and ambitious. Yet, she does regret not being able to spend quality time with Jake. Annie vows to make it up to him and therefore ignores the calls from her boss. Jake goes to run a hot bath for the two of them, but just as he leaves the room Annie’s boss shows up at her door. Janet says she needs Annie to go with her to the fabric mart. After Annie leaves, Jake comes out in the living room and announces, “I found a snake in the bathroom, but don’t worry…” he opens his robe “I think it’s friendly.”

The next day, Kay, Dennah, Gil and Jake meet at a bar. Dennah asks, “So, Kay, I don’t get it. You brought us here to meet some girl?  I thought you were dating Hailey.”

“I am,” answers Kay. “Which is why I have to break it off with all of these side salads I’ve been nibbling on. I wanted you guys here in case she flips out. When you take the Kay away, they go a little cray.”

But it seems like this chick was cray from the beginning. Breanna walks in and immediately asks why Dennah is there.

“Just a friend. Not gay,” Kay assures her.



Breanna points to Jake who is on the phone with his bank because his identity has been stolen.  “Well, who is that lesbian?”

Gil laughs, “That just Jake. Though, he is rocking a Rachel Maddow vibe today.”

Satisfied, Breanna tells Jake that she is a programmer and she can fix his identity problem. Kay tells Breanna that they need to talk, but Jake stops her from giving Breana her relationship news. He knows Breana won’t help him if Kay dumps her. Kay agrees to wait until after Jake’s identity is fixed.

Unfortunately for Jake, the truth always has a way of coming out. Kay stops by while Jake was skipping out on work to play video games with Gil to give him some bad news. Kay just happened to have run into Breana while out with Hailey, and it doesn’t seem like Breana took the news very well. According to Kay, she stormed off and then turned around, touched all her fingers together and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your friend’s identity.” She ended it with a standard “Mark my words” sign off and then laughed and laughed.  Breana fixes his identity, all right.

She is somehow able to convince the world and every computer in it, that Jake has died.  This is bad for Jake, but good for Gil who immediately gets an email that there is a temp position open at Jake’s company.

Jake goes to work to straighten things out, but HR says that there is nothing they can do until Jake gets his identity fixed. They have already sent flowers to his next of kin and starting planning a five minute memorial segment at next week’s staff meeting. In the meantime, Jake must leave the premises.

You know, for insurance reasons. At first this is distressing to both Jake and Annie until Annie’s boss sees the flowers that have been sent and sends Annie home. Jake and Annie decide to let things be for a week or so in order to spend more time together. They head off to the spa that Annie has recently designed to relax.

Marry Me - Season 1

Just as Jake and Annie are enjoying themselves, Janet walks in to deliver some lobby designs since Annie was supposed to be home grieving. Janet is especially confused when she sees Jake chilling naked at the clothes optional spa. Annie and Jake are able to convince Janet that Jake is actually Jazz, Jake’s younger brother who flew in for Afghanistan when he heard of his brother’s death. This actually works, but it creates a bigger problem: Janet is attracted to Jazz and insists on attending the memorial at Jake’s company in order to get closer to Jazz.

At the memorial, which Kay and Dennah also attend, Janet continues to be a demanding, micromanaging, tyrant. Finally, Annie decides she can’t take it anymore. She announces to everyone that she is quitting her job. Jake also has a realization. The job that he had been avoiding was actually full of cool people and since he really isn’t dead, he looks forward to hanging out with his co-workers more. 

Marry Me - Season 1

At the end of the episode, both Annie and Jake have found a way to have it all. Jake will enjoy going to work more, and Annie will continue to do what she loves by starting her own design business.  It looks like Jakes death was a win-win.

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