Morning Brew – Katie Stevens talks girl crushes in “Maxim”


Good morning! Happy Wednesday.

Ellen DeGeneres gets a little slap happy with Wanda Sykes and Jennifer Aniston.

Colorlines writes about the aftermath of Jessie Hernandez‘s death and what local activists are doing to investigate the matter.

Congrats to Monifah, who is now a grandma!

A lesbian writes about looking for her own “dyke patrol” in Bristol. She needs friends, guys. Find her!

Kate Pierson‘s new album, Guitars and Microphones, came out yesterday and she spoke with Yahoo! about songwriting with Sia.

Speaking of Sia, she’s announced her new album title: This is Acting.

Gwen Stefani helped bring Janette Cortez and Monica Miller together, so she brought them on stage at her LA show after they became engaged that very night. Look how cute and dressed up they got for the whole thing! Best night ever. Congrats ladies!

MasterCard Presents Gwen Stefani Exclusive Cardholder Concert

Over at The Atlantic: The Radical Queerness of Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber.

Katie Stevens is in Maxim this month, and she talks about the kinds of women she’s into:

I love girls that have bodies. Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara – they’re all just gorgeous. I aspire to look like J. Lo when I’m her age. Another girl crush of mine, like the crush, is Jennifer Aniston. I just want to be their friends and find out what the secret formula is.

katievia Maxim

Xfinity has an exclusive clip of Max from the upcoming episode of Black Sails.

Bridget Reagan tells EW that her Jane the Virgin character, Rose, is truly in love with Luisa.

“Her feelings about Luisa are 100 percent real. That’s her kryptonite.”

Also I JUST now realized she is also Dottie, the Russian spy on Agent Carter who kissed Haley Atwell. Lucky lady!

429 Magazine interviews Rutgers University-Camden professor of psychology Charlotte Markey about the findings of her new study on “how personality affects long-term relationship longevity.” It specifically targeted gay and lesbian couples.

Brandy Clark performs some of her hottest songs on RAM Country.

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