“The Fosters” recap (2.16): “Race to the top”


Previously on The FostersBrandon wanted to go on tour, Mariana played adoption matchmaker with Ana’s baby, Jude and Connor held pinkies and the entire world was bathed in the glow of perfect unicorn love, and Callie got questioned by the cops and did the sensible thing by calling the rich, white, straight, privileged dad to help her out.

Outside the Burger Palace the cops are questioning Callie about the wind-up toy that she may or may not have given to Daphne who may or may not have given it to her daughter when she kidnapped her. It’s a lot of allegations and Callie’s lawyer, who I was shocked to see isn’t a Hastings, says those toys are literally a dime a dozen and they should come back when they have some proof.

Fosters 2161

Robert drives Callie home-ish. She asks him to park up the block lest anyone think she was actually spending time with him. He tells her not to tell anyone about whatever it was that happened with the Happy Meal toy and the possible kidnapping. He tells her he is happy to use his privilege any time she needs it because it makes him feel useful and not at all like the dickbag who is trying to rip Callie out of her current home.

Callie walks in and Stef asks her what she has to say for herself. Callie starts to freak a little but then the moms just congratulate her for being the only kid who has a job and who gets up before noon on a Saturday. Callie is just picking up an early shift so she can volunteer at the foster kid center later. The moms tell her not to wear herself out with all her do-gooding around town. Oh and, by the way, Daphne is upstairs waiting to commit a couple more crimes with you.

Mat and Brandon are discussing their gig later. It’s at a pharm party and the band has agreed to give whatever money they make to Brandon for his fund to go on tour with them. He’s touched by the gesture but doesn’t want Mariana anywhere near a party where people take random prescriptions out of a giant bowl. Mat is terrified of Mariana and says Brandon should be, too.

Fosters 2162I wonder if the kids know we had sex on this table.

The moms are chatting with Mariana about her little field trip to convince Ana to let them adopt her baby. Mariana doesn’t understand why there is any question about her plan. It’s genius, like her, and it will give them the baby they wanted. Oh sweet Mariana, it’s not that simple. But you took in Callie and Jude without a second thought and this baby is going to be my sister, she says. She stomps up the stairs.

Stef and Lena are insulating themselves from making a decision. Mike is going to flip, Ana will probably change her mind, there are a million reasons this is a bad idea. Lena didn’t just want a baby, she wanted the experience of carrying a baby and giving birth and having a biological connection to a child. She wanted everything Stef has (except the ex-husband).

Upstairs, Callie pulls out one of her Spencer Hastings inspired outfits and Daphne says she doesn’t want to look like an uptight WASP: She just wants to look a little bit nice for her daughter (and maybe not look too much like the lady who snatched her from the playground).

Jesús is being recruited to wrestle at an all-boys prep school. He’s not so sure about the all-boys part but he likes the idea of a school that teaches boys by playing grammar dodgeball and doing some chemistry rock climbing. But school is expensive and the moms have more kids than the old woman who lived in a shoe. Prep school guy laughs and tells Jesús he’s offering a full scholarship.

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