“Chasing Life” recap (1.16): Secret Sleepover of Secrets


In way more exciting news, Greer, Brenna, and Kieran are bonding over pizza. Greer says she doesn’t think people at school would understand, since she barely understands, and Brenna and Kieran both promises that what happens at the Secret Sleepover of Secrets stays at the Secret Sleepover of Secrets. To prove that three can keep a secret, Brenna shares one of her own. When she was a freshman, still reeling from the death of her father, she found herself in a relationship with a senior boy. They slept together, the only guy she ever slept with, and when she realized one month that her period was late, the senior boy freaked out and wrote her a check to get it taken care of. The only person who knew was her lab partner, who took her to Connecticut to get the procedure, and they’ve been friends ever since. And suddenly the Mystery of Ford is solved.

Chasing Life 116-8And Ford just gained a million friendship points.

Brenna never told her mom or sister because they were still hurting from her father’s death. When we met Brenna, she seemed like an impetuous teenager, and we thought she’d grown, but maybe she just got better at expressing herself. Because not sharing your own pain to spare others isn’t selfish at all. In fact, it’s selfless to a fault.

Brenna says that Greer can use this as proof, her secret’s safe with her. Kieran thanks her for trusting them with that, but Brenna says she wasn’t talking to him. He can’t be part of the circle of trust until he shares a deep dark secret, too.

Kieran does have a dark secret, but his is better seen than heard, so he lifts his shirt and reveals a really shoddy tramp stamp that says, “Rosie,” the name of this high school English teacher. The girls laugh and suddenly they’re just teenagers again. Greer even has her old gleam in her eye when she tells Kieran his dark secret is adorable.

Chasing Life 116-9 “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

At the less-fun party, April and Sports Reporter are about to call it a draw when April finds the athlete doing a line of coke…with her boyfriend. She is none too pleased with this turn of events and drags Leo away to scold him. She’s not one to judge, but brain cancer and coke don’t seem like the best combination. She’s supposed to write an article about this party, and could very well out him publicly as a druggie. Leo doesn’t care; people will think what they want to think about him. He’ll always just be his father’s son. They yell and fight and all of a sudden April finds herself scream-wondering if cancer is the only thing they have in common. She tells him that he’s romanticizing his own downward spiral and reminds him that he also crushed a young boy’s dream of having a real reporter interview him at homecoming tonight, so you just try to sleep well tonight, sir.

The next morning, Greer, Brenna and Kieran wake up, and they can’t help but smile at each other. They found each other in the dark, and the new day is a bright one, as long as they’re together.

Chasing Life 116-10That’s a Tennis Love smile if I’ve ever seen one.

April does not share this shiny outlook and actually doesn’t look like she slept much at all. She texts Julian an apology and heads out to tackle the day. While getting coffee, April spots Dom on a bench by the river and stops to chat. She asks his advice on whether she should break the story about the athlete doing drugs, because she was actually starting to feel a connection to the guy. The human with a heart and the soulless journalist inside of her are battling it out over this one. Dom doesn’t know what he would do and is glad his job is to just give musicians thumbs up or down.

Sara’s job is far less complicated than her eldest daughter’s, and she helps a woman who wandered into her office by accident decide whether or not she should marry a man she just started dating because it would be a convenient shortcut on her road to citizenship. Her grumpy office neighbor de-grumps a little and tells Sara that she helped that woman and could do a lot more good if she wanted to. Sara tells him that just because you have money doesn’t mean your life is dandy. Mo’ money, mo’ problems and all that. And also each human individual is susceptible to feelings and anxieties and life events and traumas and he is a holier-than-thou jerkface who thinks his way of helping people is the only way. Lives can look bright and shiny from the outside but be dark and broken on the inside. Just look at Greer and her family.

Later, on the news, it becomes clear that April decided to write the story about the athlete doing drugs and it’s announced that he’ll be drug tested. Bossman is proud and Sports Reporter brings her the tacos he promised her. April looks a little conflicted, but also a little proud of herself.

Chasing Life 116-11Look at your life, April. Look at your choices.


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