“Chasing Life” recap (1.16): Secret Sleepover of Secrets


Previously on Chasing Life, Brenna thought Natalie drugged Greer in Florida, April got assigned cancer sob stories at work, Leo struggled to find his purpose, and Greer has been acting up at school, which is so unlike her.

We begin with April at the hospital where a teenage boy introduces himself as Julian. She doesn’t need to return the favor because he knows who she is, he’s read her cancer pieces. He asks her out, but she sweetly just says she’s seeing someone. He tells her he has nut cancer and then teases her because her mom comes to her checkups with her and I like this kid, he can stay.

After the appointment, Hamburg tells April that she’s still cancer free—that’s two whole months! Before she leaves, though, April has a question she doesn’t want her mother to hear. When Sara is safely out of earshot, she asks if it’s OK to have sex now. Hamburg says she should still use protection, but that the only known side effect of chemo that would be an issue is sex drive and that is obviously not the case.

When April and Sara leave, Sara asks what it was about, and April ends up in a big fat lie in which she pretends there are Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial-levels of scandal going on in the cancer wing of the hospital.

Chasing Life 116-1That’ll definitely come back to bite her.

At school, Brenna and Ford are checking out girls in a game that falls somewhere between leering and judging. Ford picks out a particularly badass looking girl and almost falls to the floor when it turns out to be Greer. When Brenna asks what’s up with the new ‘do, Greer just shrugs and says that if her parents aren’t going to be around, they don’t get to tell her what color her hair is, or anything else for that matter.

Chasing Life 116-2 How did Greer know purple is my favorite color?!

Meanwhile, April is having a hard day at work because she wants to cover a sports scoop with the athlete she talked to right before she found out she had cancer, but Bossman and Sports Reporter basically laugh in her face.

April won’t let a bad day at work get her down, though, and tells Leo to come over tonight because they’ll have the house (including all the bedrooms) to themselves. While they’re walking, they run into young Julian, who asks April to write a story about him for her cancer column to help out with the ladies. April is amused and says she’ll run it by her boss.

That night, April shuffles Brenna and Sara out the door so fast, and as soon as they’re gone, she pounces on Leo like a lion on a gazelle. Or I guess a lion on another lion. When they’re sneaking out in the morning, she tells Leo she knows they’re grown-ups, but her mom loves to talk about feelings and such and April is not interested. They do happen to run into Sara, but April scoots right out the door to work while Leo stays behind for coffee and another heart-to-heart with Mama Carver.

He confesses to Sara that he’s still bummed, and still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life since he failed that bakery job so hard. Sara tells him not to let his lack of job define him; he survived a brain tumor, and he spent the weeks before that granting people’s last wishes. THAT shows character, THAT’S who he is. Leo says he was only able to do that because of his dad’s money, that he’ll always be tied to his dad in that way, so Sara tells him to shake off that definition of himself.

At school, Greer strolls in late to Sex Ed, right in the middle of the lesson (sadly, not as fun as Mean Girls Sex Ed) and gives the teacher so much sass about it. When he gives her detention, she strolls right back out again. Brenna’s face goes from confused to a little impressed back to confused again.

Chasing Life 116-3 “I guess I can make a good girl bad for a weekend.”

Revived by her success in the bedroom (or just after having thought it over, whatever) April challenges the Sports Reporter to a bet: They’ll race to the scoop, and whoever doesn’t get it has to hand deliver tacos for a week. Sports Reporter knows a good deal when he hears one, so he agrees.

Sara is at work talking to a patient about a stained blouse and the deeper issue it could represent when someone knocks on her office door. It’s the immigration lawyer she shares an office with, and he is a grump and a half. He is rude to sweet Sara and gives her attitude about her wealthy clientele as if rich people’s emotional problems don’t matter. Sara and I both immediately dislike this guy, which means he’ll probably become Sara’s newest love interest.

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