“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.14): The Greatest Love Story Ever Told


About five years ago, Jane had her future all planned out. A five year plan that included having a college degree, a job, and being married but without children. Rafael, on the other hand, was the polar opposite of Jane. Rafael had no life plans. While at dinner with Rafael and Luisa, Emilio demanded that Rafael get a job or he’d cut him off. Jane’s family is extremely proud of her, while Rafael’s father was extremely disappointed with him.

Five years later, we’re in the present time where Jane and Rafael are trying to register for baby items online. Michael interrupts to talk to Rafael about Sin Rostro. He breaks the news to Rafael that Rose is Sin Rostro. Michael explains about the underground plastic surgery ring, which they have reason to believe that Rose used to alter her own face. Jane views the interaction between Michael and Rafael as a telenovela where the two men slap each other over and carry on dramatic interactions.


Michael asks where Luisa is. Rafael tells Michael she’s in the mental hospital for claiming to have a relationship with Rose. Rafael realizes that Luisa is in danger and he needs to get her out of there.

Jane walks in on Rafael having a secret phone conversation. He ends the call and when she asks what it’s about, he claims it’s about getting Luisa out of the hospital.

Petra walks in wearing a fierce white dress and looking powerful. She tells Rafael she fired the manager and has other changes she wants to make now that she’s part owner. First on her list is to strip the Solano name from the hotel and make Rafael a silent partner, ridding him of his duties.


Jane goes to Rafael’s penthouse suite but finds him leaving from the room across from his penthouse. She overhears Rafael telling someone not to leave the room and to get some rest. Jane knows Rafael is hiding something from her. She can’t help but knock on the door to see who Rafael is hiding in that room. She gets a huge surprise when she sees Roman Zazo.

Michael sees her shortly after and notices she’s scared. Unable to lie to Michael, Jane tells him that she just saw Roman Zazo. They go up to the room and Roman tells them that he’s actually Aaron Zazo, Roman’s twin brother. Rafael invites the both of them in. Rafael hired a private investigator to find Aaron after Roman died. Aaron was at an orphanage in Mexico volunteering but had gotten kidnapped by the cartel.


Rafael is upset that Jane told Michael. She explains that after the phone call she walked in on that she thought it might be his dad that he was hiding. Rafael seems even more upset that Jane doesn’t trust him, so he goes off to release his sister from the mental hospital.

Luisa devises a plan to escape from the mental hospital using her mute roommate for assistance. Everything goes according to plan, but the moment Luisa steps a foot out the door she sees Rafael.


They are both shocked to see each other. Rafael explains he got power of attorney and was there to release her. She makes light of the matter and tells him she knows a shortcut of getting back inside. They go back the same way she escaped.

Rafael tries to help Luisa place her bags into the trunk of the car. “We’re all responsible for our own baggage.” She says they all learned that at the mental hospital. Rafael breaks the news to Luisa that Rose is Sin Rostro. He finally believes Luisa and says how sorry he is for not believing her before.


Jane’s BFF at work, Lina, is planning a baby shower for her. Jane isn’t sure she even wants a baby shower since they can’t decide on whether or not they should have two of everything or one of everything. Lina gives Jane an info sheet to fill out about her and Rafael for the party games. Jane realizes she and Rafael don’t know very much about each other at all.

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