Yara Martinez teases Luisa’s return on tonight’s “Jane the Virgin”


Luisa has been locked up in a sanatarium for the past few weeks on Jane the Virgin, but tonight, she gets out! Yara Martinez talked with Xfinity about her return to reality, aka the crazy situation that is Jane’s pregnancy and romance with Luisa’s brother, Rafael.

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“Luisa also deals with the passing of her father so there’s that and she and Rafael are still struggling with defining their relationship again and trusting each other,” Yara told Xfinity.

But what Jane fans want to see is Luisa reunited with her on-again, off-again lover/step-mother, Rose.

“I think Luisa hasn’t had a lot of luck in anything. Life is a real challenge for this one. But it’s all perspective. She’s experienced love which is better than not having experience it at all, right?” Yara said. “I think they are so addicted to each other that she knows that there’s something real there. She doesn’t think she’s delusional but, of course, Rose makes her question that constantly but she keeps coming back so it’s hard to deny that. I think it’s something that Luisa struggles with. I think at the beginning it’s a blow that it can’t happen. It’s a definite blow and I don’t think she’s self aware enough to analyze those feelings. I think she’s just hurt and trying to be prideful but then she keeps coming back.”

Yara has been posting some behind-the-scenes Instagram shots today to get shippers even more psyched. 


Tonight your favorite lesbians are back! #JaneTheVirgin @bridgetregan

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And yep… #JaneTheVirgin

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But viewers know Rose is, well, kind of evil, so we are proceeding with caution.

“I’m excited to see where this relationship is going to go,” Yara said. “It’s definitely toxic and they are addicted to each other but I feel like some great mind games could happen between the two. But I love working with Bridget so I’m hoping for more flashbacks and future scenes and all that. I’m hopeful, too, though I would like Luisa to find some sense of power and control in this chaotic world that she’s in. I don’t want her to be a doormat for Rose, ya know?”

Tune into Jane the Virgin tonight on The CW.

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