Bisexual “90210” character gets a girlfriend


When Lauren London guest-starred as cheerleader Christina Worthy on 90210 this season, she gave a drive-by shout out to her bisexuality. Today, it was reported that London will be back when the season returns — and this time she’s got a girlfriend.

The skeptical part of you is probably yawning and saying, “Oh, wow, and just in time for sweeps, too.” Or maybe, “Still being billed as a guest-star, I see. I guess that’s so she can disappear into thin air when the Very Special Episodes are over.” Or even more likely, “Wow, has this show not been canceled yet?”

I understand the reluctance to jump up and down, especially after the lesbian community has been burned so badly by network TV this year, but a teenage bisexual woman of color isn’t exactly something you see every day on television, so I say it’s probably a good thing.

Sources close to the show say even though Christina Worthy has a girlfriend, she’ll still be holding a candle for Dixon (Tristan Wilds), which you can see in this clip below.

Yep, there go my skepticism sensors, too. Bisexuality is not a code name for promiscuity, TV writers!

90210 will be back on Jan. 6 on The CW. What do you think of London being cast as a bisexual cheerleader? Does it open up dialogue for teenagers about sexuality or pander to straight-guy cheerleader fantasies?

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