“Glee” recap (6.7): Embracing change


Back at the party, it’s time for Kurt and Blaine’s duet. They perform “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who. Someone finds a box full of props and costumes and everyone gets dolled up and has an amazing time.

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Afterwards, Kurt walks Blaine out and they both agree that they still love singing together. You know what else they still like to do together? Making out. After reminiscing about their first duet, and laughing about one of Blaine’s forgotten crushes, Blaine leans in and kisses Kurt. Blaine then runs off, leaving Kurt to process it all.

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Rachel comes back down to the basement to sing her duet with Sam, Cyndi Lauper‘s “Time After Time,” which I can’t believe has never been sung before on Glee. Rachel gives Sam the dimmers as he soulfully sings about love and the passing of time.

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Switch to a montage of crew helping Rachel take down her picture wall, and transfering it all to albums. It’s a somewhat cheesy, yet sweet, trip down memory lane and is as much for Rachel as it is for us, the fans of Glee. For all the hell we give the show, when Glee‘s final curtain draws closed, I doubt there will be a dry Gayshark eye in the house.

While Coach Beiste is working late in the locker room, he gets a surprise visit from Unique. She’s a little miffed that Coach Beiste didn’t tell her about his transition, but he’s quickly forgiven. Even though Coach Beiste now feels amazing in his skin, he still feels like he’s on the outside looking in. Coach Beiste just wants to be like everyone else, but there is no one else like him to look to, or connect with. Unique asks about Beiste’s top surgery, and physical pain aside, he doesn’t regret it for a second. Finally being who he truly is, despite the pain of surgery or the frustration of finding a place to belong, is the best thing that’s every happened to the Coach. He does feel alone however, but Unique takes his hand and tells him that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Back at Carmel High, Clint has had the wealthy boosters reinstate him to Vocal Adrenaline and there is nothing Will can do. Will, is surprisingly ok with this. He admits that Clint was right when he suggested that his vision didn’t match up with VAs. Now, he tells them, they will win the “VA” way (finger symbols and everything). He has an idea for an epic prank to pull on the New Directions kids.

At Blaine and Karofsky’s pad, Karofsky is complaining about the football camp he attended while Blaine kind of stares off into space. Karofsky picks up that something is up, and Blaine admits to singing with Kurt. Karofsky knows that that can’t be the only thing bothering Blaine. Ever since Kurt came back to Lima, he’s been a million miles away. He knows that Blaine still loves Kurt, and rather than stand in the way of that, Karofsky ends it with Blaine and gives him his blessing. While I love the redemption arc that Karofsky has had, from self loathing bully to self confident out gay man, this was a really easy way out. He literally sends Blaine off to be with Kurt. It would have been really interesting to see more from Blaine in this conversation, you know. To have some of his internal dialogue, become external.

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Well, anyway, Blaine does just that. He runs off to find Kurt. When he gets to the choir room, he sees Kurt and Walter, getting ready for a double date with Rachel and Sam. Instead of confessing his feelings to Kurt, he pretends that he forget what he wanted to say.

Will leads Vocal Adrenaline into the darkened McKinley auditorium where they have some big plans for KY Jelly. Ok, they plan to squirt it on the stage. Whatever. Much to their surprise, the stage lights flip on, and Unique’s voices floats through the air. She sings “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray which is enough to give you goosebumps already. When she is then joined by a massive choir, filled with the voices of two hundred trans* singers (including Coach Beiste), then it’s time to rejoice. The number is epic, it’s stunning, it’s beautiful in a way that transcends words. It simply feels warm and kind, and hopeful.

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The members of Vocal Adrenaline are angry that they’ve been duped, and have lost valuable rehearsal time. Will dumps them then and there, resigning from his teaching position. Ha, take that Vocal Adrenaline! If that wasn’t good enough, Sue gives VA six minutes to get the hell off campus before she releases her hounds.

The next day, Will joins Rachel and Kurt in the old McKinley choir room where they ask him to be their Alumni Consultant. He agrees of course. McKinley is where Will feels at home, and he hopes to one day find a place back there again.


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