“Glee” recap (6.7): Embracing change


In the staff lounge, Sam finds Rachel is looking distraught. After weeks of scaring off potential buyers, someone is finally buying her childhood home, which means she has to move out. While that is hella inconvenient, she’s just incredibly sentimentally attached to the home. Sam reminds her that, hi, he used to be a homeless, underaged stripper, but Rachel can’t see beyond her own stress and self pity to accept that this isn’t the end of the world. Naturally, Sam assembles the glee club, Mercedes, Kurt, Blaine and Artie to rally them to make Rachel feel better.

As Coach Beiste walks to his car, he finds it covered with jock straps and “Coach Tranny” scrawled across it in shaving cream. Speeding away is a car full of Vocal Adrenaline members, waving cans of Barbasol. Sue calls Will into her office to discuss what happened. Nothing pisses Sue off more when people bully those that she cares about—and also bullies. Sheldon reluctantly explains that Will’s students were the culprits. Will vows to make it right.

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In New Directions rehearsal, Kurt and Sam surprise her with a change in lesson plans. Instead of featuring songwriters from Ohio, it’s been changed to Transitioning. Coz it’s all about that change, bout that change. To help Rachel deal with getting tossed from her family home, and embrace adulthood, they are throwing a house-leaving party in Rachel’s basement. Yes, that basement where Brittana did body shots.


They whip out a giant wheel and spin for duet partners. Kurt cheats a little and manages to get Blaine for his partner. In the hallway, Blaine says that he’s happy to sing with Kurt but to not tell Karofsky about it, since he’s a little concerned that Blaine still carries a torch for Kurt. Well of course you do, Blaine Warbler! Have you seen Kurt’s adorableness? They awkwardly hug and Blaine promises to call and arrange rehearsal.

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When Sam and Spencer find out about the vandalism, they barge in on Coach Beiste, demanding to know whose asses they need to kick. Spencer calls them “rock lobsters” which is the best thing he’s ever uttered. Coach Beiste tells them to sit down and shut up. While he appreciates the fact that they want to stand up for him, there’s no way he wants any violence to come of it. Taking the high road is a tough lesson to learn, but one that is needed at a time like this. On the bright side, the fact that Sam was able to convince Spencer to be a team player and a true friend, makes Coach Beiste truly proud. 

Will is furious and lays down the law with Vocal Adrenaline. Cut the shit, or get cut.  Clint stands up calling Will soft, and a loser, and saying that winning is everything. This earns Clint a rousing cheer from his fellow VA members, and a dismissal from the group by Will.

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At home, Will opens up to Emma about hating his job and the kids he works with at Carmel. Emma, who is dressed for bed like a Jane Austin heroine, tells Will that if he wants to leave, they will make do. She’d rather him be happy and poor, than well off and miserable. Plus, her pamphlet business is really taking off. Will feels guilty for loving the life that they’ve grown accustomed too. The new car and nice apartment, almost makes it all bearable. Almost. Emma reminds Will that Danny is going to grow up learning his principles from them, so if coaching VA makes him feel like a sell out, then there are other ways to make ends meet.

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At Rachel’s bye-bye basement jamboree, Mercedes and Roderick kick things off with Meghan Trainor‘s “All About That Bass.” (I’d like to point out that there is a stand up bass player at the party.) Mercedes kills it, and it kicks off a dance party. Admit it, you were rocking on your couch a little bit. During all of this, Rachel steals Sam away from drinking straight out of the punchbowl. They head upstairs to her bedroom where she has packed away everything except her wall of memories, covered with pictures and mementos from high school. He sweetly tells her that taking down the memories doesn’t mean they disappear, they will just move elsewhere to be joined by more and more wonderful memories. He also tells her that she’s going to be heading back to Broadway before she knows it, and he just hopes for a place on her wall wherever she ends up. They kiss passionately and tumble onto the bed. Well, well, well. That’s probably not going to end up on the wall. (Can we talk about the giant picture of Quinn in Rocky Horror, all by itself on the far left top? Like an 8 by 10. Faberry, we carry you in our hearts.)

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