“Glee” recap (6.7): Embracing change


This week on Glee, as the 30 year olds of Vocal Adrenaline belt out the Bon Jovi hit “You Give Love a Bad Name,” Will talks about how teaching these budding sociopaths has given him, and his family a new life. He’s making bank, has a sweet new ride, and all it cost him was…his voice!!!!!


Wait—sorry, I meant soul. All kidding aside, Will feels pride in being able to provide a comfortable life for Emma and Danny. Now if only his charges weren’t the absolute worst. In addition to a bunch of kids who want to win at all costs, he has to deal with boosters. It’s like Friday Night Lights meets Fame! Emma (EMMA!) finally appears, looking like retro dream girl.  Anyway, Will goes on about how he wants to slowly but surely change Vocal Adrenaline for the better, making it more like New Directions. Emma is unwavering in her support.

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Life is literally a walk in the park until Rachel and Blaine show up, covered in eggs, courtesy of Vocal Adrenaline’s hazing of their competitors.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.23.52 PM

Will decides to try to teach his students a lesson about tolerance, but these kids would push their own grandmothers down the stairs a la Nomi Malone to win sectionals, so it mainly falls on deaf (and rather hostile ears). Vocal Adrenaline’s alpha dog, Clint, tries to give Will a piece of his mind but is stopped by Will performing Macklemore. Ha ha ha, you thought you’d never have to hear Will rap ever ago, but Glee went and fooled us all! The saving grace is that former VAer and current goddess of awesome, Unique, joins him to sing Mary Lambert‘s part on “Same Love.” Good god, girl, it is good to see you! During the performance, the members of VA squirm in their seats and roll their eyes. You see, they protest about Will thinking they are intolerant bullies. In actuality, they are just talented assholes, hell bent on winning.

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Back at McKinley, it’s the day Coach Beiste has been waiting for his whole life. The day he walks through the halls, head held high, Dockers neatly pressed and greets the world as Sheldon Beiste. The smile on Sheldon’s face is a mile wide, and it’s a joy to see him so happy in his skin.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.42.20 PM

Nobody bats an eye as Coach Beiste makes his entrance, and Sue and Sam rush to greet him. Sam is nervous and excited and can’t stop talking, while Sue assures Sheldon that McKinley is a “fully gender fluid high school.” Well, a lot has changed since Unique didn’t have a safe space to use the bathroom. Hopefully this means that future trans and genderqueer students at McKinley will have an easier time of it. Coach Beiste just wants to jump right back into the swing of his life at the school.

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