The Huddle: Favorite Romantic Lesbian Love Stories


Well, it’s that time of year, so of course we need to talk about L-O-V-E. What is your favorite lesbian love story from a movie, television, books or even real life?

Lucy Hallowell: My favorite ongoing, can’t miss a minute, lesbian love story is from real life. It started with a instantaneous crush when our heroine first laid eyes on her crush. The crush is perfection. She wears grandpa sweaters and uses big words. She has lovely tresses and a dorky sense of humor. Our heroine has kept her distance, for her crush was involved with another until recently. But through work meetings, and more meetings, and laughter over coffee in the kitchen, these two are destined to be together. Copywritten in the Stars will tell the true, heartwarming tale of Punky and Work Crush and should be hitting bookshelves in 2016.

Valerie Anne: That’s funny, because one of my favorite real-life lesbian love stories is that of Lucy and her wife, who met when they were wee things and now have this amazing family with hilarious and genius tiny humans and a beautiful, warm, loving home. Every time I hang out with them I am overwhelmed with joy; this is what I want my family to look like someday. It’s the kind of family that I didn’t even dare to dream about when I was young, the kind of family I didn’t even knew existed, right there before my very eyes. Hashtag relationship goals.

Favorite fictional lesbian love story, despite its tragic ending, is probably Willow and Tara, even after all this time. “I am, you know.” “What?” “Yours.”


Sarah Terez Rosenblum: I just can’t keep answering Willow and Tara. And yet… Just to further date myself, I remember being VERY taken with the Kerry Weaver/Kim Legaspi love story on ER back in 1937.  
Grace Chu: Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon
Chelsea Steiner: You’re a Wanker #9! Imagine Me and You for all the wins. 
Kim Hoffman: I think I have to hand this one over to Shane and Carmen de la Pica Morales. And literally everything that came along with it. Jenny. That damn Olivia cruise. Cherie Jaffe Land. All of it. 
Ali Davis: I know it hasn’t all shaken out yet, but something about Nichols and Morello on OITNB really hits me. I ship them so hard UPS sent me a cease-and-desist order.
Elaine Atwell: I know this might sound unforgivably self-congratulatory, but I started my trilogy of novellas because I wanted to make my own favorite lesbian love story, one where the heroines are always tossing barbed one-liners at each other, and rescuing each other from impossible situations, and everyone keeps a tiny pistol concealed in her purse.  It was also a way to preserve my relationship with my first girlfriend in fictional, B-movie versions of ourselves who would always be in love. (Of course, once you do that for one girl, everyone else expects it, so look out for the cartoon version of my current girlfriend in the sequel.)
Dana Piccoli: Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer. These two women loved each other with a passion and commitment that was truly remarkable. Even after Thea’s passing, Edie continued to fight for their love, and along the way, kicked DOMA right in the ass. Because of Edie and Thea’s love, one day soon, marriage equality will be a reality across this country. If you haven’t seen the documentary based on these two women, Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement, do yourself a favor and watch it.

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Trish Bendix: Natalie Barney and Romaine Brooks. Theirs was a relationship fraught with affairs and jealousy, but it was passionate, poetic and the kind of thing you want to read about but not necessarily experience! A painter and a writer who used each other as muses and were together for 50 years.

What’s your favorite love story?

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