“The 100” recap (2.12): Rubicon


Things on Mount Bloodletting aren’t going so great for the 47. Actually, are there still 47 of them? OK, on second thought, let’s not start down that road, there’ll be too many numbers and I’ll get confused.

Anyway—the President’s Smarmy Son remains smarmy and the 47 remain locked up in their bunk, huddled together like cattle. It’s not looking good.

But, hey, there’s Bellamy and Maya, at least. The two of them are talking over the radio to Raven and Clarke in Camp Jaha.


Clarke has gained a grounder guard on the orders of Lexa in the wake of that pesky assassination attempt—and let’s all pause here to squeal a bit at Lexa insisting Clarke have protection.


Everyone OK? Good.

Clarke is focusing on shutting off the acid cloud but Bellamy thinks they have bigger problems, mainly, that the 47 are starting to disappear from their “pen.” Clarke was supposed to go meet Lexa and the rest of their alliance at Ton-DC, but thinks that if her people in Mount Bloodletting are in trouble, she should stay nearby.

Clarke is in charge and everyone seems to know it. Kane knows it, when Clarke opts to send him to Ton-DC in her stead, and Abby knows it and she’s not happy. This isn’t terribly shocking, considering the last episode and Abby’s on-going insistence to view Clarke as a child instead of a woman and a leader, but it is pretty annoying. I may have audibly groaned a few times while Abby whined at Kane. I’m not proud.


While everyone else is gearing up for war or just trying to survive—Jaha and Murphy are wandering the desert in search of the City of Light. I think Jaha’s still mourning his son in a big way, and that’s likely why he’s so dead-set on finding a city full of light he’s not sure actually exists. Murphy insists he’s only along on the trip because he has nothing better to do, but it becomes increasingly clear he’s being driven by a desire to redeem himself. Jaha, Murphy, and their crew run into a girl stranded in the sand and Murphy almost immediately opens up to her. Oh, Murphy.


Bellamy is in a vent. Of course he is.

He’s trying to get a view of what’s happening to the 47 and Raven and Clarke are listening on the other end of the radio he’s holding. He finds an opening in the vent and can see what’s happening—bone marrow extraction. Clarke, somehow, recognizes what’s going on just by the sound of the drill. Which makes me wonder what Clarke did for fun as a kid. Did she watch surgery videos with her mother?

Clarke, Bellamy, and Raven listen as Smarmy Son tells Dr. Tsing about his plans to use a missile to kill everyone at the Ton-DC meeting he absolutely was NOT supposed to know about.


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