“Marry Me” recap (1.13): Change Me


When the Kevins come over to borrow Gary Marshall’s Valentine’s Day, they see Annie and Jake mid-fight and try to back out of the apartment slowly, but they are trapped and forced to play mediators. The Kevins confess that they think both Annie and Jake are wrong. They should not use Kay to do their dirty work, and instead learn to sandwich their criticisms between compliments to make to make it easier for their partner to hear. Annie and Jake realize that the Kevins are right.

The Kevins

That night, Jake and Annie are enjoying a quiet Valentine’s Day at home. Annie tells Jake that suggesting they stay home was a great idea. Jake says that it wasn’t his idea. Sure, he suggested it—but only because Kay planted Annie’s idea in his head. Wait: Kay planted that idea in Annie’s head so she thought it was what Jake really wanted.

Valentine's Day

Cut to Kay and Hailey all dressed up at Wait for It.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!” Kay tells Hailey. They kiss.

Hailey, looking hot in a black cut-out dress, asks, “How did you get us in here?”

“It was not easy,” Kay responds. “No, actually it was really easy.”


A waiter stops by the table. “More filet mignon essence, Mr. Shuffman?” He asks.

“Yes, please,” answers Kay.

The waiter sprays a mist into Kay and Hailey’s mouths.

“Mmm. That is the best filet mignon I’ve ever not had,”says Hailey.

A pause and then…

“I’m starving!” Kay confesses.

Hailey agrees, “I know, right?!?”

The couple decides to go grab something real to eat.

Happy Couple

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