“Marry Me” recap (1.13): Change Me


Annie agrees while she scoops up some popcorn with her tongue. Jake jokes that Annie looks like a frog when  she tongues her popcorn and suggests she uses her hands, but Annie says she doesn’t want to get oil on her fingers.

not a good lookAmirite? 

Kay concurs; it’s not a good look. She tells Annie that she looks like a cartoon lizard, using her tongue as a “corn grabber.” Besides, the use of a woman’s tongue should be saved for special occasions. Annie agrees and immediately starts using her hands to scoop up her popcorn. While the ladies all go off to make a drink, Jake tells Gil about the pattern he is noticing. Whenever he suggests something to Annie, she stubbornly refuses to change. Yet, when Kay suggests a change to Annie, she quickly accepts it. This gives him an idea.

bowl of bisquick

The next day, Jake shows up at Kay’s house while she is eating a bowl of Bisquick batter, which I thought was weird but is apparently a thing. Jake wants to use Kay’s influence to make some changes in Annie’s behavior. You know, just little things like the way she over-pronounces the word “croissant.” Kay agrees that it is a lot easier to take criticism from a friend than a romantic partner, but she’s not sure she wants to get all up in Annie and jake’s “bidness.” Yet when Jake offers to help Kay plan a Valentine’s Day surprise for Hailey, she agrees.

Cut to Kay hanging out with Annie as she folds laundry. Kay complains that she can’t get a Valentine’s reservation anywhere except at 10:30 pm American Girl Doll Café, and then they would have to buy dolls. As Annie carefully lines up her socks to fold them, Kay critiques her technique.


“So Annie, what’s with the socks? You’re folding them like Rain Man packing for sleep-away camp. You should ball them—be a baller.”

“Why?” asks Annie.

“Well, makes way more room in your sock drawer for you and Jake. Plus, you won’t lose as many. After I started balling, my sock budget dropped by 42.6%. Yeah, I’m really into Quicken.”

But after successfully getting Annie to start balling her socks and stop over-pronouncing “croissant,” she takes it a bit too far when she tries to direct Annie in her bedroom technique. Annie realizes that Jake is putting Kay up to all the changes she is suggesting and turns Kay on Jake. Later, when Jake comes over to Kay’s place to help her prepare for Valentine’s Day, Kay successfully suggests he stop wearing tank tops, stop catching his burps in his hands (they’re not rare butterflies) and quoting Howard Stern three times a conversation. Jake and Annie are both happy with the changes that each of them have made until Jake tells Annie that he “has never loved her more.”

Annie is offended thinking that Jake loved her less before she made the changes. Annie takes the old food out of the trash and puts it back in the fridge. Jake struts around wearing a tank top. Annie un-balls her socks and throws them at Jake. It’s mayhem!

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