“Marry Me” recap (1.13): Change Me


This week on Marry Me, Kay thinks her girlfriend Hailey is “such a bitch.” That is, if by “bitch” you mean super romantic and thoughtful. You see, Hailey’s planning a big Valentine’s Day surprise and it proves to be too much pressure for Kay, who has never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Kay comes over to Jake and Annie’s to rant about it while Jake is trying to convince Annie to throw out old food that’s been in their fridge for God knows how long. 

Annie admits that she has a hard time throwing out food because she is a child of the depression: the depression her Dads went through when Golden Girls was cancelled.  They stopped cooking and she had to eat whatever food she could squirrel away in her caboodle. When Kay points out that one of the takeout boxes in her fridge is from a restaurant that closed down a year ago, Annie relents.

“It’s dangerous to keep food too long,” Kay says. “My neighbor’s uncle’s friend ate an expired English muffin. Turns out it was riddled with fungus that spread to his head and he had to have his entire face scooped out. He went to sleep and when he woke up—no face! Just a big scoopy hole!”

Scoopy hole!throw out the food

“Ew!” exclaims Annie. “Oh my God! Thank you, Kay! We’ve got to get rid of all of this!” She starts chucking out the food.

Later, the gang are at the Kevins’ apartment for their annual President’s Day party. Gil asks Kay why Hailey isn’t with her and Kay complains that Hailey is probably off planning some amazing, spectacular V-day surprise.

President's day party

Jake brags that, as usual, he’s going to crush Valentine’s Day. He got reservations for he and Annie at  the molecular gastronomy restaurant, Wait for It, a 25-course, four-hour dining experience that specializes in caper vaper, cream cheese foam and deep-dish pizza noise. Dennah is jealous. She’s always wanted to try weird science food. Kay, on the other hand, is impressed that Jake was even able to score a reservation there since it’s impossible to get into. Jake admits that he had to book his reservation one whole year in advance and put down a super expensive, non-refundable deposit, but it was worth it.

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