“Arrow” recap (3.13): Canaries in a Coal Mine


Previously on Arrow, Sid told Captain Lance that the woman in leather running around Starling City isn’t the daughter he thinks it is, Merlyn told Thea that they had all been marked for death by Ra’s al Ghul, the shady DJ told the League of Assassins Thea’s whereabouts, and Oliver told Merlyn that they were going to train together to beat the Demon’s Head once and for all.

We begin with Laurel in her Black Canary getup being thrown around. And not just by your run-of-the-mill bad guy. But by her sister.

Arrow 313-1 Punch me all you want, just don’t leave again!

Sara calls Laurel selfish, a liar, an addict, all while giving her a beating that goes above and beyond sibling rivalry. Laurel begs Sara to stop, reminds her that they’re sisters, but Sara uses that point against her. They’re sisters, so why is Laurel trying to take her place?

Cut to 48 hours earlier. Oliver and Roy chase a bad guy along a roof, just like old times, parkouring around like one of them didn’t pretty much die a few weeks ago. They’re about to lose the rather agile baddie when a streak of black and blond comes out of nowhere and beats him down. Oliver is PISSED. His ego is as bruised as the bad guy’s face, so he yells at Laurel and calls her selfish. She doesn’t care what he thinks, though, and just suggests fighting crime in separate dark alleys from now on.

Down in the Arrow Cave, Oliver asks Diggle how he let Laurel play dress-up for so long, and Diggle raises and eyebrow and points out that Laurel is a grown human and makes her own choices. Felicity interrupts Oliver’s tantrum to tell him he has a visitor, and in strolls Malcolm Merlyn. Merlyn says the time has come; they can’t sit around and wait for Ra’s to attack, they have to start training now, and if they want to stand a chance against the League, they need to loop Thea in. Diggle warns Oliver again that Thea will never forgive him for lying to her all these years, forgetting his speech about grown humans being allowed to make their own choices and deciding how Thea will feel for her.

Across town, prisoner Werner Zytle is being transported and is shouting to face his accuser, the Arrow, but Laurel the Lawyer steps in and tells him to hush. She instructs a guard to take Zytle to the van but the guard suddenly freaks the freak out and opens fire on the crowd of reporters. Having no other options, Laurel throws a punch and knocks the guard out, and by the time she looks around, Zytle is long gone.

Arrow 313-2“I punched a guy and I liked it.”

At Verdant, Oliver visits his little Speedy and Thea loves seeing her big brother again. He savors the hug and then tells her he needs to show her something. Oliver leads her down into the basement he told her was flooded beyond repair and turns the light on to reveal the Arrow Cave.

Oliver tells Thea that he lied to protect her, even though that might not matter to her. Thea takes in the Arrow’s hood in its glass case and understands. She turns to face her brother and works it out aloud; every time he was flaky, every lame excuse he gave, every single time he bailed on her it was to save someone’s life. He nods meekly and Thea’s eyes fill up with love. She thanks him—sweetly, genuinely thanks him—and gives her big brother a hug.

Arrow 313-3Suck on that, Diggle.

Thea explains that she’s wanted to thank the Arrow for so long, and teases him about breaking her window (and how she kicked his ass). Malcolm appears and Thea turns on him with her teeth bared; he lied to her, he told her she had no one left to trust. Malcolm says they have to work together to beat Ra’s but Thea doesn’t want to work with Merlyn anymore. She knows he was trying to cut her off from the only real family she had left, and she hates feeling manipulated.

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