Morning Brew – Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara make out in “Hot Pursuit”


Good morning! How’s this for a #TBT?


Get it k.d.! Ellen isn’t mad about it.

Cate Blanchett spoke with Deadline about her upcoming role in Carol. Here’s what she had to say on co-star Rooney Mara:

“She is really a good egg. That was a really beautiful experience, actually. I mean, coming back to work with Todd, having done the Dylan film with him and then working on such a different endeavor was really fantastic. But Rooney’s great. She takes her work seriously but doesn’t take herself necessarily very seriously. She’s also got a really great non-sentimental radar. So she’s not interested in being liked, but she’s interested in revealing stuff.” 

Speaking of revealing, Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon are co-stars in an upcoming film called Hot Pursuit, and apparently, they share some intimate moments. While attending the SAG Awards last week, the actresses playfully recount how they made out on set and handcuffs were involved. Also in the video, Sofia grabs Reese’s bum, and Sofia saying, “There are so many things I wanna grab on her. I have to control myself.”

OK, when does this movie come out!?

Ireland’s out lesbian senator Katherine Zappone is making a call for marriage equality in her country.

Michelle Rodriguez and out artist Shantell Martin both wore white to the AmFar Gala in NYC last night.


2015 amfAR New York Gala - Inside

Netflix has created a handy chart for Orange is the New Black relationships. Alice Pieszecki would be thrilled.


Cat Cora stopped by The Talk this week to use some citrus.

Rosie is definitely getting gay on her HBO special this weekend.

I had no idea Oregon’s Secretary of State, Kate Brown, was bisexual. Cool!

Ladies, make sure you make it to the gyno every three years, or else you might not get tested for HPV/cervical cancer.

More details are coming out about the hate crime that happened in Tacoma, Washington this week. 45-year-old Chris says a man asked if she was a dyke before saying “God Hates Fags” and attacking her.

A new film called Goddess of Love is highly sexual (as seen in this NSFW trailer), and that includes a little girl-on-girl. (Just a glimpse, though.)

Marcie Bianco writes about getting engaged (!!!!) at Mic.

If you UK readers buy your DIVA magazine from ASDA Supermarkets, be prepared to look elsewhere. The markets say they are pulling future copies because they just aren’t selling well, unlike other gay mags Attitude and Gay Times.

Misleading Title of the Week: The Lesbian Jewish Leftist Conspiracy Tearing Reddit Apart, Untangled.

If you’re in San Francisco tonight, go celebrate as Out in the Bay honors Phyllis Lyon and her late wife Del Martin. “Hear their love story shared with producer Eric Jansen over their kitchen table in 2006, along with some of their favorite music and tales of life in San Francisco from 1950 to now,” and live tweet it for me.

Del Martin (L) and Phyllis Lyon cut thei


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