“Gotham” recap (1.15): Fresh Pressed Fear Juice


Welcome back to Gotham, the police procedural that refuses to investigate the disappearance of queer lady characters. I mean, I know this Dr. Crane guy is bad, but where the fuck is Renee Montoya?

Speaking of Dr. Crane, he and his son ambush an old guy in his apartment for some more fear mongering. They’ve brought scary face paint and make-up, but tragically no baby piglets.

Fish wakes up in an underground prison/dungeon surrounded by sketchy folk, and immediately conjures a patronus of vicious fierceness to keep the creepers away. For someone so little, Fish sure does have a huge set of brass ovaries.

gotham1WTF did I drink last night?

Gordon and Doc Caliente are wrapping up their third date, and Gordon assumes he’s going to get the fast pass to Bone City. Doc turns him down and tells him she’s starting her new job tomorrow—as GCPD’s medical examiner. Gordon looks all conflicted and butthurt, despite recommending her for said job.

gotham2A woman? Medical examiner? Next you’ll be telling me you want the vote!

The next day, Bullock canvasses the crime scene: another dead guy with adrenal glands missing. As Bullock wonders what this guy is doing with all these glands, we see Dr. Crane working in a busted old lab. He mashes up the adrenals to make some fear juice, and injects himself with it. He then wanders into the hallway and the room starts shaking. He sees flames everywhere and a woman crying out for him. Something tells me fear juice is NOT going to be as popular as Viper.

gotham3This wouldn’t happen with weed, dummy!

Over at Wayne Manor, Bruce is packing for an overnight hike that was a ritual for him and his dad. Alfred offers to come along, but Bruce says it’s something he needs to do alone. And when a ten year old tells you he needs to walk off into the woods alone, you listen. It’s called parenting, people!

Penguin has once again dodged death and is back with Falcone. He desperately needs protection from Maroni, but Falcone is more interested in re-designing Fish’s club. Someone’s been watching too much HGTV.

gotham4I don’t think I can get Ty Pennington for this gig, but…

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