“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.5): Bar-Be-Q Burritos


Wade and Zoe have seemingly come to a place of stability in their relationship, and George and Lemon have established closure on their past. A resolution for Annabeth, Lavon, and Lemon has yet to be determined. And a little action for Crickett would be much appreciated.

Wade and Zoe begin to get serious about their plans as Zoe’s bump gets bigger and her hormones rage further out of control. Although Zoe is gainfully employed at Brick’s clinic and Wade owns the Rammer Jammer, they are still concerned that their financial situation may not be fit for funding a baby, especially considering the library-like feel of Wade’s place of business. The culprit of the declining interest of the Rammer Jammer is revealed with the popularity of a new food truck selling crowd-pleasing barbecue pork burritos.

Annabeth confides in Crickett regarding her desire to go to nursing school, but the lack of funds to do so. Crickett reminds Annabeth that she is the owner of the house boat that George is currently living in, and suggests Annabeth sell it and use the money for school. Crickett may finally be getting the loving attention she has long deserved as she informs Annabeth that Jaysene is taking her to a gay bar.

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It is clear that Lavon has yet to move on from his unresolved issues with Lemon as he shares his inability to get Lemon out of his head with Zoe. Although she avoids telling the whole truth to her dad, Lemon may well be in the same boat. Brick suggests Lemon attend a singles mixer.

Wade brainstorms ideas on how to get the Rammer Jammer jamming again. Meatball offers to ask his cousin, Pamela Bailey–who is a country music superstar–to perform in exchange for free beer.

Although obviously tentative, Annabeth pays George a visit to inform him that she will be selling the house boat. George responds with the disappointment and hurt that one would expect, but Annabeth sticks to her guns and requests that he clean up a bit before her prospective buyers come by to see the house later that evening.

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Taking the advice of her well meaning father, Lemon attends a ho down/singles mixer. As fate would have it, she dances with a series of partners of which their singleness comes as no surprise, only to come face to face with Lavon. They bond over a shared disappointment of an unsuccessful evening.

Wade and Meatball approach Pamela–the country superstar–with the intent of convincing her to play at the Rammer Jammer. Pamela is less than impressed with their offer as the Rammer Jammer is far beneath her level of celebrity. Furthermore, her schedule leaves no room for a stop in Bluebell if she plans on getting any rest. Wade’s persistence, attractiveness, and hard sell of the relaxing, laid back nature of Bluebell prove fruitful as Pam finally relents. She could use a restful stay at the Bluebell B & B while performing for her core fan base.

Zoe vents of her financial frustrations to her sole patient of the day. As asking for a raise is out of the question, her only savior would be a major medical emergency that would in turn be her own financial gain. A couple from out of town visits the clinic with a mysterious rash which Zoe diagnoses as bed bugs. A request for a strange outbreak in Bluebell may be obliged to Dr. Hart.

In preparation for what we presume to be her first outing to a gay bar as an out lesbian, Crickett stresses over what to wear. And femmes everywhere shouted “Amen.” We are right there with ya, girl. We want so desperately to fit in with our fellow gay ladies while not compromising our own personal style. And we definitely don’t want to be mistaken for a straight girl infiltrating a gay space. Pants suit? Leather? What’s a femme to do?

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Annabeth shows Wally–her prospective buyer–the house boat to find that George has failed to clean up. Annabeth expresses her anger toward George’s immature behavior and informs him of her reason for planning to sell the house boat. George seems both embarrassed and remorseful.

Wade expresses his appreciation to Dash for allowing Pam to stay at the B & B on such short notice. They walk toward the B & B to see a crowd running out and a sign being posted stating its closure due to bed bugs. The person responsible for it being shut down? None other than Dr. Hart herself. Methinks Zoe and Wade have a little work to do in the way of communication.

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