“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.13): Letting Go


This week’s flashback takes us to a time where ten year old Jane is in the doctor’s office about to get a shot. Jane isn’t a fan of shots. Then again, who really is? A nervous Jane is holding back nurse’s hand, which is holding the needle. The nurse tells Jane to let go. It’s a lesson she’s still learning even to this day.

Abuela has a love interest. She’s been going to therapy due to Magda throwing her down the stairs and at therapy there is man she’s crushing on. Xiomara picks up Abuela and notices how Abuela acts around this guy. Later, Xiomara asks why Abuela never dated after Xiomara’s father died:“He deserved it.” Abuela felt she needed to honor his memory. Xiomara believes he would have wanted Abuela to be happy. Does this mean Abuela might have a boyfriend in future episodes?

Speaking of relationships, Jane and Rafael are excited to find out the sex of the baby at this week’s checkup. Well, Jane is excited. She’s obsessed with planning, so  she wants to know the sex, even though she’s ninety-nine percent sure the baby is a girl. Rafael wants to keep it a surprise.

During the ultra sound, the nurse notices something, a bright spot, on the heart of the baby. She brings in the doctor, who then explains to Jane and Rafael that the bright spot on the baby’s heart is echogenic intracardiac focus. It could be nothing. Then again, it could be something bad. But, the doctor wouldn’t know unless he were to test it. There’s a one in 300 chance that the procedure could cause a miscarriage.


Petra is still fooling around with Lachlan. She tells Lachlan that she’s sorry she left him for Rafael, and that she’s excited for their trip to Spain that week. Meanwhile, Milos is not happy about this. He wants to get back with Petra, but Petra tells him she’s moved on. Milos isn’t the sort of guy to just give up that easy.

Lachlan brings in Danielle Sullivan, the Marbella’s CFO, to speak with Rafael about selling a percent of the hotel, since the hotel is losing more money than it’s bringing in. At first Rafael isn’t sure about it, mainly because he has the baby on his mind. Ultimately, he decides to sell his shares of the hotel.

Michael meets up with Rafael and Rose to let them know Emilio is Sin Rostro. Michael believes Rafael is lying about not knowing about anything that has gone on in the hotel. So, Michael and Nadine question Scott, Emilio’s assistant, about Emilio’s whereabouts the night Bellboy Tom was killed. Scott claims Emilio was with his girlfriend. Word on the street is that Emilio was cheating on Rose. Apparently, Emilio had reason to believe Rose was cheating on him, too.


Rogelio has been moping around on the internet since he was killed off of his telenovela. He’s also been avoiding his agent. Xiomara is annoyed by this and tries to motivate Rogelio to not give up on his career, especially since he worked thirty-nine years on becoming famous.

Jane tells Abuela and Xiomara about the issue with the baby. Abuela doesn’t think Jane should go along with the test and Jane makes a decision to not have the test done. Xiomara tells Jane to let go and move forward, especially since Jane’s graduation is coming up. But that night, all Jane can do is think about the baby and the possibility that something is wrong. So instead of sleeping, Jane researches echogenic intracardiac focus.


The next day she meets with Rafael to let him know she’s going forward with the test and he agrees with her decision. “The odds are in our favor,” he tells her.

Jane tells Abuela, Xiomara, and Rogelio that she’s forward with the test. She’s going to miss her graduation due to the procedure, since she’ll be on bed rest for forty-eight hours. The next day, Abuela, Xiomara, and Rafael are with Jane during the procedure. The procedure goes well, but they won’t know the results for another two weeks. Two hours later and Jane is worried because she still hasn’t felt the baby move. It’s all she can think about.